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Music Performance Minor

The program in music provides students with the opportunity to actively engage in music through instrumental or choral work. Courses are designed to fulfill the arts requirement in the Liberal Arts and Sciences Program and to study the history and theory of music at different times across many cultures. Minors are also available in Music History and Music Theory/Composition.

Shared Core for Music Minors

Students seeking a minor in music complete the following:

  • Pass a piano proficiency test (or complete MUSC 2500 Class Piano as equivalence)
  • Pass a dictation & sight-singing proficiency test (or take MUSC 1001 Ear Training as equivalence)

Core Courses (6 credits)

MUSC 1000 Art of Music OR 3 cr.
MUSC 1500 World Music 3 cr.
MUSC 2200 Basic Music Theory OR 3 cr.
MUSC 2240 Harmony I 3 cr.

Ensemble Performance Instruction (6 credits)

MUSC 2320 Concert Choir AND/OR   1 cr.
MUSC 2330 Chamber Choir AND/OR 1 cr.
MUSC 2400 Instrumental Arts AND/OR 1 cr.
MUSC 2401 Instrumental Arts: Concert Band AND/OR 1 cr.
MUSC 2402 Instrumental Arts: Orchestra  1 cr.

Individual Performance Instruction (6 credits)

MUSC 2500 Class Piano AND/OR   1 cr.
MUSC 2600 Class Voice AND/OR 1 cr.
MUSC 2700 Class Guitar AND/OR 1 cr.
MUSC 1300 Beginning Musical Instruction AND/OR 1 cr.
MUSC 2301 Intermediate Musical Instruction AND/OR 1-3 cr.
MUSC 3300 Advanced Musical Instruction AND/OR 1-3 cr.
MUSC 4903 Independent Study in Music AND/OR 1-3 cr.
MUSC 4940 Internship in Music 3 cr.