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Italian Studies Minor

The minor in Italian Studies offers students in other disciplines the opportunity to incorporate the knowledge of Italian language and culture into their program of studies. In our increasingly global world, this may be particularly valuable to students pursuing Business, Health, Science, and Education fields. The minor in Italian can be combined with majors related to Humanities, since Italy has made key contributions to these fields. Students will achieve an advanced intermediate proficiency in the Italian language, and become acquainted with major literary, historical and artistic developments of Italy throughout its history.

Italian Studies Minor (18 S.H. Minimum)

The prerequisite for the program is the introductory sequence ITAL 1000 and 1100 or equivalent proficiency as determined by a proficiency exam, although ITAL 1000 and 1100 will not be counted toward the minor.

Required Courses

ITAL 2000 Intermediate Italian I 3 cr.
ITAL 2100 Intermediate Italian II 3 cr.
ITAL 3500 Italian Conversation and Composition 3 cr.

Required Culture Courses

Choose one course from the following list:

ITAL 3000 Italian Culture (in English) I - from Antiquity to 1800 3 cr.
ITAL 3100 Italian Culture (in English) II - from 1800 to the Present 3 cr.

Elective Courses

Choose two courses from the following list:

ART 2550 Renaissance Art 3 cr.
HIST 2020 Ancient Greece and Rome 3 cr.
HIST 2070 European Renaissance 3 cr.
HIST 2420 Italian American History: Immigration & Identity 3 cr.
HIST 3000 Modern Italian History: Risorgimento to Today 3 cr.
ITAL 2500 Italy through Film 3 cr.
ITAL 3000 Italian Culture (in English) I - From Antiquity to 1800 3 cr.
ITAL 3100 Italian Culture (in English) II - From 1800 to the Present 3 cr.
ITAL 3300 Women in Italy 3 cr.
ITAL 4903 Independent Study 3 cr.
MUSC 3200 Opera 3 cr.

Further course options include courses taken in Italy, in a Fitchburg State University program or Fitchburg State University-accredited program, upon permission of the Italian Studies advisor.

No more than six transfer credits will be accepted as credit toward the minor. Transferred credits must have received a minimum grade of 2.5. Students must maintain a 2.5 grade point average in courses toward the minor to remain in the program.