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Social Science Minor

The minor in Social Science requires six courses from among the Social Science disciplines - one Economics courses, one Political Science course, and three History courses, one from each of the three History sub-fields (United States History, European History, and Non-Western History or World Civilizations), and one course from any Social Science discipline. At least two courses must be 2000-level or above.

Social Science Minor - 18 S.H.

In Schematic Form:

1 Economic course 3 cr.
1 Political Science course 3 cr.
1 U.S. History course 3 cr.
1 European History course 3 cr.
1 Non-Western/World Civilizations History course 3 cr.
1 Elective from any Social Science Discipline 3 cr.
2 2000-level or above courses included in the preceding list