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Peace Studies Minor

Peace Studies in an interdisciplinary minor that guides students toward an understanding of how and why conflicts originate and the multiple ways that conflicts may be successfully managed. The minor introduces students to the background and skills they will need to lead their national and international contemporaries toward a more peaceful world. Students will be better able to recognize the factors that lead to conflict, appreciate different historical, political, ethical and religious perspectives, and draw on a repertoire of techniques for achieving and sustaining peaceful coexistence.

Peace Studies Minor 18 S.H.

Required courses:

IDIS 1000 Introduction to Peace Studies 3 cr.
IDIS 2100 Dilemmas of Peace and War 3 cr.

At least four courses from the Origins of Conflict and Visions of Peace categories with a minimum of one course in each of these categories:

Origins of Conflict Electives

IDIS 1200 Intro to International Studies 3 cr.
IDIS 1800 Global Issues 3 cr.
ECON 2500 Economic Development 3 cr.
SOC 2500 Race and Ethnic Relations 3 cr.
SOC 2600 Sociology of Developing Societies 3 cr.
SOC 3000 Social Stratification 3 cr.
POLS 2200 International Relations 3 cr.
POLS 3800 Third World Politics, Economics and Society 3 cr.
PSY 2250 Psychology of Women 3 cr.

Vision and Peace Electives

PHIL 3610 World Religions 3 cr.
PSY 2370 Interpersonal Effectiveness 3 cr.
PSY 2550 Group Dynamics 3 cr.
PSY 2570 Small Group Leaderships 3 cr.
SOC 2250 Cultural Anthropology 3 cr.