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International Studies Minor

The international studies minor program provides exciting opportunities to examine and explore international and interdisciplinary challenges of globalization and communication, multicultural awareness and diversity, citizenship and the world, literature and the arts.

Spero and students in Krakow
Photo (above): Prof. Spero with his students in Kraków, Poland (Wieliczka Salt Mine) as part of the spring 2017 course -- Europe Today & Study Abroad

Our goal is to increase global awareness and abilities to interact with peoples from diverse cultures and perspectives. Appreciation of other cultures offers an opportunity for students from all majors to enhance their abilities to become more globally aware and politically active.

This program makes people more knowledgeable about the world's peoples, cultures, and languages so that they become more globally competent and better equipped for an increasingly interconnected and complicated world.

The international studies minor program also organizers and hosts the annual International Studies Keynote Lecture Series for which students, faculty, staff, administration -- and the greater community -- have the opportunities to interact with experts in international studies.

For further information, please contact the International Studies Minor Coordinator, Dr. Josh Spero, Professor of International Politics by email at