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Asian Studies Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in Asian Studies exposes students to the arts, culture, history and literature of Asian countries and is designed to serve a twenty-first century constituency shaped by the experience of globalization. Students learn to appreciate the issues that dominate this increasingly important but little understood region, and gain awareness about the complexity and diversity of Asian societies and cultures. The Minor is based on courses offered through the departments of History, Political Science, Economics, Humanities and English.

Asian Studies Minor - 18 S.H.

Required courses:

Choose one from the following courses with a "world designation"

ECON 2400 Economic Development 3 cr.
ENGL 2400 World Literature I 3 cr.
ENGL 2500 World Literature II 3 cr.
ENGL 3000 World Drama 3 cr.
MUSC 1500 World Music 3 cr.
PHIL 3610 World Religions 3 cr.
POLS 2200 Contemporary International Relations 3 cr.
POLS 3800 Third World Politics 3 cr.
  Capstone course 3 cr.
  Directed study designed with advisor 3 cr.

Choose four elective courses from the following:

ART 2100 Asian Art 3 cr.
ENGL 3710 South Asian Literature 3 cr.
ENGL 3091 Asian Cinemas 3 cr.
IDIS 2500 Culture and Society of India 3 cr.
HIST 2800 Far East before 1800 3 cr.
HIST 2850 Modern Far East 3 cr.
HIST 3100 The Silk Roads in History and Culture 3 cr.
HIST 3200 India Since 1500 3 cr.
IDIS 2500 Culture and Society of India 3 cr.
POLS 3700 Asian Politics 3 cr.