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Technology Systems and Online Learning

Login to Web4 and choose "Student Accts./View eBill/Make Payments."

  • My Account displays current activity, statements, payment history and consents and agreements (which is also located in the right hand column).
  • Make Payment is the location to make a payment.
  • Refunds: Be sure to set up a refund account.  This will be necessary if you have to drop a course for any reason and need to receive a refund.  Note that you can connect to this site either on the top navigation list or in the right hand column. View our refund policy.
  • Help displays how to ask for help or provides additional important information.
  • Authorized Users is the location in which you can add an authorized user to make payments on your behalf.
  • Payment Profile is where you can save your bank account or credit card information for future payments.
  • Notification is where you can change the methods in which you receive notifications, via email or text message.
  • Home returns you to the main payment screen.

Need help? Contact the Student Accounts Office at 978.665.4126.

Log in to Blackboard and follow the instructions on the log in page. 

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