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Contacts for SGOCE Students

It isn't always easy knowing who to contact in which situation. This resource page aims to help make things a bit clearer.

Graduate and Undergraduate Program Advisors

If you are an admitted student, the following is a list of the graduate and undergraduate program chairpersons and advisors for each program. They can be reached at 978.665, plus the extension number listed. Email addresses are included for your convenience.

Choose your area of study:

Arts Education

M.Ed. in Arts Education
Petri Flint, ext. 3461
Conlon Fine Arts, Room 333

M.Ed. in Arts Education - Music Education Concentration
Amy McGlothlin, ext. 3513
Conlon Fine Arts, Room 163

Business Administration

Dr. Beverley Hollingsworth, ext. 3567
Percival, Room G08B

B.S. in Business Administration
Professional Accounting Certificate

Dr. Audrey Pereira, ext. 3213
Percival, Room G08D


M.S. in Applied Communication
CAGS in Interdisciplinary Studies/Applied Communication
Graduate Certificate in Applied Communication

Dr. Kyle Moody, ext. 3351
Conlon Industrial, Room 316

Computer Science

M.S. in Computer Science
M.S. in Computer Science/Data Science

Dr. Brady Chen, ext. 3434
Edgerly, Room 310B


M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling 
M.S. in School Counseling
CAGS in Interdisciplinary Studies, 
Counseling/Psychology Concentration
Daneen Deptula, ext. 3603
McKay School, Room 220

Curriculum and Teaching

M.Ed. in Curriculum and Teaching, On-campus, Brine, CES, MAVA, ACE MV (Martha's Vineyard)
Dr. Lynn D’Agostino, ext. 3341
McKay School, Room C130

M.Ed. in Curriculum and Teaching, Lowell Public Schools
Elizabeth Lavin


M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education
Dr. Lyndsey Benharris, ext. 3539
McKay School, Room C174

M.Ed. in Education, Grades 5-12
Dr. Nermin Bayazit, ext. 3475
Edgerly Hall, Room 301H

M.Ed. in Elementary Education
Dr. Lyndsey Benharris, ext. 3539
McKay School, Room C174

B.S.E. in Early Education and Care
Dr. Lyndsey Benharris, ext. 3539
McKay School, Room C174

Educational Leadership and Management

CAGS and M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Management
Dr. Phillip Saisa, (978) 895-5247


M.A. in English Studies
Dr. Benjamin Railton, ext. 4805
Miller, Room 102A


M.A. in History
Dr. Christine Dee, ext. 3429
Miller, Room 301A

Interdisciplinary Studies

CAGS in Interdisciplinary Studies, Individualized Concentration
Dr. Denise Sargent, ext. 3995
McKay School, Room C132

CAGS in Interdisciplinary StudiesApplied Communications Concentration
Dr. Kyle Moody, ext. 3351
Conlon Industrial, Room 316

CAGS in Interdisciplinary StudiesCounseling/Psychology Concentration
Dr. Daneen Deptula, ext. 3603
McKay School, Room 220

CAGS in Interdisciplinary Studies, Reading Specialist Concentration
Dr. Margaret O'Hearn-Curran

B.A./B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies
Dr. Jessica Robey
Conlon Fine Arts, Room 216


M.S. in Nursing (Forensic)
Forensic Nursing Graduate Certificate

Dr. Deborah Stone, ext. 3426
Thompson Hall, Room 324B

LPN to BS in Nursing Bridge Program
RN to BS in Nursing

Linda McKay, ext. 3108

Occupational/Vocational Education

M.Ed. in Occupational Education
Dr. James Alicata, ext. 3047
Conlon Hall, Room 206

B.S. in Occupational/ Vocational Education
Vocational Technical Teacher Approval Program
Dr. James Alicata, ext. 3047
Conlon Hall, Room 206

Certificate in Plastics Technology, (NYPRO Learning Institute)
Conlon Hall, Room 205
Dr. Wayne Whitfield, ext. 4807

Special Education

M.Ed. in Special Education, Guided Studies, Dyslexia Specialist
Dr. Margaret O'Hearn-Curran

M.Ed. in Special Education, Guided Studies, Individualized
Dr. Anne Howard, ext. 3309
McKay School, Room C178

M.Ed. in Special Education, Moderate Disabilities, Initial Licensure
Dr. Karen DeAngelis, ext. 3516
McKay School, Room C122

M.Ed. in Special Education, Severe Disabilities, Initial Licensure
Dr. Jescah Apamo-Gannon, ext. 3317
McKay School, Room C138

M.Ed. in Special Education, Moderate Disabilities and Severe Disabilities, Initial Licensure
Ann Hogan, ext. 3233
McKay School, Room C114

M.Ed. in Special Education/Reading Specialist
Reading Specialist Graduate Certificate
CAGS in Interdisciplinary Studies/Reading Specialist

Dr. Margaret O'Hearn-Curran

Applied Behavior Analysis Graduate Certificate
Autism Spectrum Disorder Graduate Certificate
Dr. Robert Shapiro, ext. 3511
McKay School, Room C136

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