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Selecting Courses

  1. Start by looking at the required courses shown on your programs webpage under the Requirements and Curriculum section.

  2. Compare the needed courses to when they are offered on your 2-Year Course Rotations (see next tab).

Here at Fitchburg State we try to follow the course rotations but in some cases we add and/or remove courses on the schedule. Please check the Course Schedule to ensure the course you need is running.

Degree Works (This shows your individual degree evaluation; this is available to you after the first time you register for a course.)

  • Login to Web4 (Student ID @ and Pin are needed).
  • Click on Enter Secure Area and log-in.
  • Click on the Student tab.
  • Click on Degree Evaluation.

Having trouble? View this registration help documentation (PDF) or watch this registration help video.

If you need additional help you can contact your Advisor (your Advisor is also listed on your Degree Works site).

Choose your area of study:

Behavioral Sciences

Business Administration


Computer Science





Engineering Technology



Special Education

  • To register you must login to Web4. You will need your Student ID number, which is the @ sign followed by 8 digits. This number is emailed with your credentials after we receive the Intent to Enroll form. For first time users who have not logged in before, your PIN will be your birth date (mmddyy).
  • Click on the Student tab
  • Next, select the Registration tab
  • Click the Add/Drop Classes tab
  • Input the CRN(s) of the course you have chosen on the seats list
  • Click Submit changes
  • Choose Click here to Pay now and then View Charges – Pay Bill to continue paying your bill
  • if you have not done so already, accept your Student Loans on Web4

We also have great videos that will walk you through...

Need help with...

Login to Web4 and choose "Student Accts./View eBill/Make Payments."

  • My Account displays current activity, statements, payment history and consents and agreements (which is also located in the right hand column).
  • Make Payment is the location to make a payment.
  • Refunds: Be sure to set up a refund account.  This will be necessary if you have to drop a course for any reason and need to receive a refund.  Note that you can connect to this site either on the top navigation list or in the right hand column. View our refund policy.
  • Help displays how to ask for help or provides additional important information.
  • Authorized Users is the location in which you can add an authorized user to make payments on your behalf.
  • Payment Profile is where you can save your bank account or credit card information for future payments.
  • Notification is where you can change the methods in which you receive notifications, via email or text message.
  • Home returns you to the main payment screen.

Need help? Contact the Student Accounts Office at 978.665.4126.

Graduate & Undergraduate Program Advisors

If you are an admitted student, the following is a list of the graduate and undergraduate program chairpersons and advisors for each program. They can be reached at 978.665, plus the extension number listed. Email addresses are included for your convenience.

Choose your area of study:

Arts Education

M.Ed. in Arts Education
Petri Flint, ext. 3461
Conlon Fine Arts, Room 333


M.A. in Biology
M.Ed. in Science Education
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Biology

Dr. Lisa Grimm, ext. 3334
Condike Science, Room 231

Business Administration

Dr. Beverley Hollingsworth, ext. 3567
Percival, Room G08-B

Not-for-Profit Management Graduate Certificate Program
Dr. Christine Shane, ext. 3242
Percival, Room B02

B.S. in Business Administration
Business Certificate

Dr. Renee Scapparone, ext. 3526
Sanders, Room 104-D


M.S. in Applied Communication
CAGS in Interdisciplinary Studies/Applied Communication
Graduate Certificate in Applied Communication

Dr. Viera Lorencova, ext. 4856
Conlon Industrial, Room 324

Computer Science

M.S. in Computer Science
M.S. in Computer Science/Data Science

Dr. Brady Chen, ext. 3434
Edgerly, Room 310B


M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling 
M.S. in School Counseling
CAGS in Interdisciplinary Studies,
Counseling/Psychology Concentration
Daneen Deptula, ext. 3603
McKay Bldg., Room 220

Curriculum and Teaching

M.Ed. in Curriculum and Teaching, On-campus, Brine, CES
Dr. Anne Howard, ext. 3309
McKay School, Room C178

M.Ed. in Curriculum and Teaching, Lowell Public Schools
Elizabeth Lavin

M.Ed. in Curriculum and Teaching, MAVA
Dr. Elaine Francis, ext. 3501

M.Ed. in Curriculum and Teaching, ACE MV (Martha's Vineyard)
Dr. Annette Sullivan, ext. 3717


M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education
Dr. Lyndsey Benharris, ext. 3539
McKay School, Room C174

M.Ed. in Middle School Education
Dr. William Cortezia, ext. 3489
McKay School, Room C138C

M.Ed. in Elementary Education
Dr. Annette Sullivan, ext. 3717
McKay School, MCK-B128

B.S.E. in Early Education and Care
Dr. Lyndsey Benharris, ext. 3539
McKay School, Room C174

Educational Leadership & Management

CAGS and M.Ed. in Educational Leadership & Management
Dr. Phillip Saisa, (978) 895-5247

Educational Leadership & Management, National Institute School Leadership
Thomas Lamey


M.A. in English Studies
Dr. Chola Chisunka, ext. 3445
Miller, Room 201A


M.A. in History
Dr. Daniel Sarefield, ext. 4804
Miller, Room 313

Interdisciplinary Studies

CAGS in Interdisciplinary Studies, Individualized Concentration
Dr. Jessica Robey, ext. 3386
Conlon Fine Arts, Room 216

CAGS in Interdisciplinary Studies, Applied Communications Concentration
Dr. Viera Lorencova ext. 4856
Conlon Industrial, Room 324

CAGS in Interdisciplinary Studies, Counseling/Psychology Concentration
Dr. John Hancock, ext. 3604
Percival, Room 104A

CAGS in Interdisciplinary Studies, Reading Specialist Concentration
Dr. Ruth Joseph, ext. 3899
McKay School, Room C176D

B.A./B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies
Dr. Jessica Robey, ext. 3386
Conlon Fine Arts, Room 216


Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Mathematics
Dr. Jennifer Berg ext. 3787
Edgerly, Room 301C


M.S. in Nursing (Forensic)
Forensic Nursing Graduate Certificate

Dr. Deborah Stone, ext. 3426
Thompson Hall, Room 324B

LPN to BS in Nursing Bridge Program
RN to BS in Nursing

Linda McKay, ext. 3222
Thompson Hall, Room 323

Occupational/Vocational Education

M.Ed. in Occupational Education
Dr. James Alicata, ext. 3047
Conlon Arts, Room 209A

M.Ed. in Occupational Education, MAVA
Robert Packard, Program Coordinator

B.S. in Occupational/ Vocational Education
Vocational Teacher Approval Certificate
Dr. James Alicata, ext. 3047
Conlon Industrial Arts, Room 209A

Certificate in Technology/Engineering Education (Initial Licensure, 5-12)

Dr. Wayne Whitfield, ext. 4807
Conlon Industrial Arts, Room 205

Certificate in Plastics Technology, (NYPRO Learning Institute)
Dr. Wayne Whitfield, ext. 4807

Special Education

M.Ed. in Special Education, Severe Disabilities, Guided Studies, Dyslexia Specialist
Dr. Anne Howard, ext. 3309
McKay School, Room C178

M.Ed. in Special Education, Moderate Disabilities
Dr. Nancy L. Murray, ext. 3770
McKay School, Room C176D

M.Ed. in Special Education, Moderate Disabilities & Severe Disabilities
Ann Hogan, ext. 3233
McKay School, Room C184

M.Ed. in Special Education/Reading Specialist
Reading Specialist Graduate Certificate
CAGS in Interdisciplinary Studies/Reading Specialist

Dr. Ruth Joseph, ext. 3899
McKay School, Room C176D

Applied Behavior Analysis Graduate Certificate
Dr. Robert Shapiro, ext. 3511
McKay School, Room C190

Transfer Information:

Collaborating with Fitchburg State to finish your bachelor's degree opens up possibilities that will last you a lifetime. Below you will find links to resources that can help you understand the transition into Fitchburg State University.

Transfer Evaluation:

Transfer evaluations are done upon acceptance into one of our programs. To view your transfer evaluation you will need to view our online degree audit tool DegreeWorks to view which courses transfer in and which ones are remaining to finish your degree with Fitchburg State.

Instructions to access DegreeWorks:

  1. Login to Web4 (Student ID @ and Pin are needed).
  2. Click on Enter Secure Area and log-in.
  3. Click on the Student tab. 
  4. Click on Degree Evaluation (Falcon Key credentials are needed)

Need additional information? Contact us!

Associate Director, Transfer Admissions
Limari Rivera

Sometimes life throws us curveballs, we have a plan for that!

When taking a break, it is important to remember that each graduate course has a 6 year shelf life. The clock starts once you take your first course. When it comes time to graduate make sure that your oldest course is not more than 6 years old.

If you need to take a semester or two off, no action is needed. Simply come back when you're ready and pick up where you left off. If you need to take a year or more off please contact us at to discuss your options.

If you are not planning on remaining in your program you can request a formal withdrawal by emailing us at