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Welcome from Dr. Denise L. Sargent, Department Chair

I want to extend a warm welcome to all our new and returning students in the Education Department. I hope you will have a rewarding and successful academic year.

My office and the office of the Dean of Education students in teacher preparation are here to support your success as a member of the Fitchburg State community. Toward that end, we want to ensure that you know how to locate all the resources available to you and that you are aware of, and have easy access to, the school policies and regulations that pertain to you as a teacher candidate.

Exterior of the McKay Campus SchoolDuring your time as a student, I am sure you will get to know your academic advisor. Your faculty advisor will assist you in many ways including facilitating your registration, answering career questions, and helping you to learn your way around the Department. Our University faculty are among the most important people you will meet during your time here. Never be shy about approaching them – they enjoy interacting with students!

My own office is located in McKay B228. My door is always open to address your concerns or questions. I look forward to personally meeting you. Drop by and say hello!

Denise Sargent
Education Department