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Neuroscience, Behavior, and Cognition Minor


The neuroscience, behavior, and cognition (NBC) minor is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide you with the opportunity to explore the biological basis of behavior, consciousness, perception and cognition. The minor is an excellent complement to such majors as psychological science, biology, education, and computer science, or for any student interested in the biological workings of the mind.

In This Program

You will:

  • Develop a strong knowledge base in neuroscience
  • Acquire the skills of scientific inquiry, critical thinking, and information literacy 
  • Cultivate strong written and oral communication skills

Career Opportunities

Career choices for the NBC minor are similar to those for psychological science majors. The critical thinking, quantitative, and writing skills that are developed in the psychological science major prepare graduates for a variety of careers, including marketing, advertising, and sales, among others.

Many students also pursue advanced degrees in psychology and related disciplines in areas such as developmental, cognitive, biological, industrial/organizational, and clinical psychology. These degrees may lead to careers primarily in college teaching and research.

Requirements and Curriculum

NBC Minor