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Accounting Concentration

In addition to the liberal arts and sciences base all Business Administration students complete a core curriculum to gain a broad knowledge of all areas of the program. Students in the Accounting Concentration receive in-depth understanding of accounting as well as taxation, auditing, business law, and choose from additional advanced business electives based on their area of interest.

If job placement is a standard of success, then graduates of the Business Administration Department have been very successful. Within six months of graduating, more than 93 percent of Business graduates have found employment in their chosen fields. Business majors do well in the marketplace. Eighty-three percent of our graduates report finding full-time positions within six months of graduation, with an average salary of $42,000.

More important than immediate success, though, are the long-term prospects for Fitchburg State graduates. The skills, knowledge base and adaptability students acquire during their time on campus prepare them for the inevitable changes in the marketplace. Through coursework and co- curricular experiences, students can prepare for the one constant in their professional lives: change.


Accounting Concentration

The Business Administration Program at Fitchburg State University includes concentrations in one of four areas of business: accounting, management, marketing and international business and economics.

Core Curriculum

BSAD 2010 Introduction to Financial Reporting 3 cr.
BSAD 2020 Introduction to Managerial Accounting 3 cr.
BSAD 3200 Principles of Management 3 cr.
BSAD 3300 Fundamentals of Marketing 3 cr.
BSAD 3400 Basic Finance 3 cr.
BSAD 3500 Business Law I 3 cr.
BSAD 4890 Business Policy and Strategy* 3 cr.

Liberal Arts and Sciences Requirements

SPCH 1000 Speech** 3 cr.
ECON 1100 Macroeconomics 3 cr.
ECON 1200 Microeconomics 3 cr.
BSAD 1700 Introduction to Computer Information Systems for Business*** 3 cr.
MATH 1800 Business Statistics 3 cr.
MATH 2200 Calculus for Business 3 cr.

The courses beyond the core curriculum are open only to Business Administration majors. These upper-level courses are not transferable from another college if they are required within a student’s concentration.
* Junior/Senior Writing Requirement
** Speaking/Listening Requirement
*** Computer Literacy Requirement

Accounting Curriculum

BSAD 3010 Financial Reporting Theory and Practice I 3 cr.
BSAD 3020 Financial Reporting Theory and Practice II 3 cr.
BSAD 3120 Cost Accounting 3 cr.
BSAD 4010 Financial Reporting Theory and Practice III 3 cr.
BSAD 4110 International Accounting and Taxation 3 cr.
BSAD 4120 Individual Taxation 3 cr.
BSAD 4140 Auditing 3 cr.
BSAD 4500 Business Law II
15 semester hour electives
One Directed Advanced Elective from the following:
BSAD 4100 Consolidations and Mergers or 3 cr.
BSAD 4130 Corporate, Estate, and Gift Taxation or 3 cr.
BSAD 4160 Not-for-Profit Accounting 3 cr.

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