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In Short

The minor in Entrepreneurship is available to non-business administration degree students from all majors. The program emphasizes innovation, entrepreneurial thinking and creative processes, and operating as a member of a cross-functional team. Students’ interests may range from business and technical entrepreneurship to not-for-profit venues that aim for social and environmental change.

This minor is founded on the understanding that there is a common process for the realization of new ventures. Students are provided with the foundational knowledge to undertake entrepreneurial activity. The program offers opportunities for students who aim to be entrepreneurs, start nonprofit organizations, or simply want to become more innovative within emerging or established companies. Students can supplement their non-business majors with creative entrepreneurial mindsets and skills that will allow them to:

  • Better identify opportunities for innovation.
  • Challenge the status quo in any field.
  • Implement sustainable change.

The overall goal of the Fitchburg State minor in Entrepreneurship is to build strong business leaders, politicians, and social change agents that are seeking to jump-start the American economy. This minor is designed for students who hope to open or expand businesses. It combines academic rigor with practical experience to provide the foundation to develop and manage business enterprises in a rapidly changing business environment. Entrepreneurship minor graduates will be prepared to:

  • Start a new venture.
  • Be a productive member of an entrepreneurial firm.
  • Assume responsibilities in a family business.
  • Become an effective leader in a growing business.

Curriculum and Requirements

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