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Program Overview

The Sociology major addresses major concerns of the field such as culture, stratification, social problems, globalization and social institutions. Students study major theoretical explanations of collective behavior across the life course and in different societies. The Sociology major provides students with refined approaches and methods of research and a broad understanding of the social world.

The curriculum has been developed to provide the theoretical background and research skills essential for work concerned with human behavior. Sociology courses are designed to provide students with access to the broad range of viewpoints and methodological skills within the discipline of sociology.

Career Opportunities

The knowledge base, research abilities and critical thinking skills developed in this major will help students prepare for a variety of careers in research, government, social services, and industry. Graduates of the program are prepared for immediate entry into occupations in business, education, industry, social service, and public service settings. In addition, some graduates continue formal study by enrolling in advanced degree programs in sociology and related fields.

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How to Apply

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