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English Studies Professional Writing Minor

The minor in Professional Writing offers courses in literature as well as various forms of writing such as journalism, creative writing, and technical writing, that will prepare them for the job market and expand their creativity.

Professional Writing 18 S.H.

Required Courses
ENGL 3890 Creative Nonfiction Writing 3 S.H.
Two literature courses in two different areas: (select from)  
ENGL 2000 American Literature I: Exploration to Civil War
 or ENGL 2100 American Literature II: Civil War to the Present
ENGL 2200 British Literature I: Beowulf to Milton
 or ENGL 2210 British Literature II: Pepys to Shelley
 or ENGL 2220 British Literature III: Bronte to Rushdie
ENGL 2400 World Literature I
 or ENGL 2500 World Literature II
Subtotal 6 S.H.
*Three electives: (select from)  
ENGL 2323 Digital Journalism  
ENGL 2800 Journalism  
ENGL 2810 Editing & Publishing  
ENGL 3026 Genres, Forms, and Themes in Creative Writing  
ENGL 3045 Media Conscious Storytelling  
ENGL 3480 Writing for the Web  
ENGL 3500 Creative Writing  
ENGL 3510 Fiction Writing I  
ENGL 3520 Poetry Writing  
ENGL 3530 Fiction Writing II  
ENGL 3540 Writing Film Criticism  
ENGL 3830 College Newspaper Production  
ENGL 3840 Online Magazine Writing  
ENGL 3860 Writing for Business & Technology  
ENGL 3870 Feature & Magazine Writing  
SPCH 3000 Speech Writing  
*One course must be at the 3000-level.  
Subtotal 9 S.H.

Total for Minor

18 S.H.