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English Studies Literature Minor

The minor in Literature offers courses that examine literature from various cultures. Core courses in American, British, or World literature form a basis for the literature program, but students also have the opportunity to study literature in translation, ancient to contemporary, from every corner of the globe.

One course must have a Global Diversity (GDA) or Global Diversity Non-Western (GDAN) designation.


ENGL 2999 - Approaches to English Studies  
Subtotal 3 S.H.
One course from TWO of the three categories:  
American Literature:  
ENGL 2000 - American Literature I: Exploration to the Civil War
or ENGL 4200 - Romantic Movement in U.S. Literature
ENGL 2100 - American Literature II: Civil War to the Present
or select from:
ENGL 2650 - Ethnic American Literature
ENGL 3010 - American Drama
ENGL 3220 - American Novel to 1950
British Literature:  
ENGL 2200 - British Literature I: Beowulf to Milton
or select from:
ENGL 3030 - The Middle Ages
ENGL 3120 - The Golden Age of English Renaissance
ENGL 4010 - Chaucer and His World
ENGL 2210 - British Literature II: Pepys to Shelley
or select from:
ENGL 4040 - Major English Writers of the 17th Century
ENGL 4050 - The Novel in the 18th Century
ENGL 4080 - British Romanticism
ENGL 2220 - British Literature III: Bronte to Rushdie
or select from:
ENGL 3040 - British Literature Since World War II
ENGL 4090 - The 19th- Century English Novel
ENGL 4100 - Victorian Literature
ENGL 4115 British Modernism
World Literature:  
ENGL 2400 - World Literature I or
ENGL 2500 - World Literature II
or select from:
ENGL 3000 - World Drama
ENGL 3100 - World Novel
Subtotal 6 S.H.
One literature elective, any level  
Subtotal 3 S.H.
Two literature electives  
3000 or 4000 level  
Subtotal 6 S.H.
*One of the courses taken for the minor must have Global Diversity (GDA) or Global Diversity Non-Western (GDAN) designation