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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for information about Graduate and Continuing Education at Fitchburg State University? Select one of the following topics to view its associated questions and answers.

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Q. Which programs do you offer?

Q. How do I contact my professor?

You can connect with faculty via email or access telephone numbers and office locations for our on-campus faculty through our staff directory. Also, contacting faculty teaching in any given semester can be done from the seats list. Just click on the faculty name which is an email link.

Q. Where do I find textbook information?

View our course schedule and click on the BOOKS link for the class you're interested in.


Q. How do I apply to a program?

It's easy! Just apply online to either an undergraduate or graduate program.

Q. I have questions about my application; who should I contact?

Michelle Cota
Graduate, Undergraduate Evening and International Admissions Counselor
Phone: 978.665.3860


Q. I'm an admitted student; how do I find my advisor?

Advising information for admitted students may be found on the new GCE Student Resources Center.

Q. I'm not in a program yet, but need advising. Who do I speak to?

Make an appointment today!

Marylyn Gainan
Coordinator of Graduate and Continuing Education Advising and Support Services
Phone: 978.665.3660

Courses and Registration

Q. Where do I find the complete course schedules, including dates, times and course descriptions?

Right here! Just select a semester to get started, and you can click on a course title to read the course description.

Q. How do I register for classes?

Whether you're a new or returning student, you can find all of your options for registration by visiting the Register for Classes page.

Q. How much do classes cost?

Total costs are payable at the time of registration, including tuition and applicable fees. An online program fee of $58 per credit must be added for anyone registering for a MS in Forensic Nursing, MS or Graduate Certificate in Applied Communication, or online SPED or READ course, as well as any courses required for the MEd in Middle School Education and for graduate History courses.

Q. How do I pay for my classes?

Payment for GCE courses must be made at the time of registration. You will not be mailed a bill. Failure to pay will result in you being dropped from your classes.

Q. What is a special studies request form and how do I submit a request for a special studies course or project?

A special studies request form (PDF) is required for independent studies, practicums, theses, capstones, field studies, internships, directed studies, and research in science education. The completed form must be submitted to the appropriate dean’s office. Special studies are restricted to matriculated students.

Q. How do I drop a course?

Students wishing to drop ALL of their courses in a given semester must call the Registrar’s Office to do so. Students wishing to drop courses, but not ALL courses, may do so using Web4, or they may also call the Registrar’s office for assistance. Deadlines apply for withdrawals and/or refunds, and changes in course load may affect financial aid eligibility.

Distance Education

Q. Where can I get technical assistance for a course I'm currently taking?

Visit our Online Student Resource Center for information on online courses. While you're there, check out the Online FAQ and our demo course.

Policies and Forms

Q. Are there policies I need to know?

Academic policies for both undergraduate and graduate students may be found in the online Catalog. Once there, select the appropriate current Catalog, and then use the left-hand navigation to find the Academic Policies information. The current Catalogs (undergraduate and graduate) are found at the top of the drop-down list of catalogs on the top of the home page.

Q. Where can I find student forms?

All of the forms students may need can be found on the Registrar's web page under "forms."

Q. What is a student petition and how do I submit a request using the petition?

A student petition (PDF) is to be used by students for requests of exceptions to policy and academic regulation due to extenuating circumstances only. Submit completed petition forms to the appropriate dean’s office.


Q. I have disability issues – who do I contact for assistance and support?

Contact Disability Services located in Hammond Hall.

Q. Where do I find tutoring assistance?

Increase your academic achievement with assistance from the Tutor Center.

Q. Where do I find out about veterans services?

Fitchburg State University strives to meet the needs of our veterans by providing the services and information necessary to support their educational goals.

Q. How do I access the library?

The Amelia V. Gallucci-Cirio Library provides a full range of services to support our on-campus, distance learning and extended campus students.

Q. Where can I get something to eat on campus?

Check out the menus and places to eat on campus.

Q. Where can I park, and where do I get a parking permit?

Q. Where do I get my student ID (OneCard)?

Obtain your OneCard through the OneCard Office.

Q. How do I access my Fitchburg State University email?

Every Fitchburg State student, faculty, and staff member is provided with a university email account. Please use email responsibly and in a manner that makes it an effective form of communication.

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