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Academic Coaching and Tutoring Center

Tutoring & Coronavirus

All tutoring is online for Fall 2020. You can easily make an online appointment or submit a question in writing. All Academic Coaching is also online, with limited in-person appointments upon request. For any additional questions about Tutoring or Academic Coaching contact us via email

For any additional questions about Placement Testing, please check out our website or email Tracy Foster Howdle.


Our Services

The Academic Coaching and Tutoring (ACT) Center is committed to helping every Fitchburg State student achieve success. Whether you want to ask a quick question, to get a Tutor's ongoing support in an especially challenging class, to ask a Peer Mentor's advice on navigating the complications of college, or to work with an Academic Coach on developing those next-level, university-grade study strategies, the ACT Center is here. Our mission is to help increase your academic achievement, enhance your ability to learn, apply knowledge, develop study habits, become more self-directed learners, and build critical thinking skills.


► ► ►During the academic year, the ACT Center offers a combination of walk-in, appointment-based, small-group, and online tutoring.

  • Walk-in tutoring is a great option if you have a quick question, if you have a varying schedule, or if regularly scheduled appointments just don't meet your needs. Walk-in tutoring is in the Tutor Center on the third floor of Hammond in room 306.
  • If you know you'll need an appointment (for an exam, paper, or project), or you just want to be sure a tutor is available, you can make your own appointments.
  • If you want to make several regular appointments for a challenging class, you can do it yourself. You can also call 978.665.3499, stop in at the Tutor Center (Hammond 306), or email tutorcenter@fitchburgstate.edu for help making appointments.

► ► ►While the university is offering all remote instruction, the ACT Center will be offering all online tutoring. By making an appointment through SSC/ Navigate, you can set up a tutoring time for the future, or you can find a tutor who's available now! 

► ► ► If you have a non-urgent question for a tutor, you can submit it in writing through Ask-a-Tutor. Submit your questions in writing and someone will email you within 24 - 48 weekday hrs. (Tutors don't work on weekends.) You must be logged into your Fitchburg State account.

Academic Coaching

► ► ►Academic Coaches offer individualized, workshop-based, or in-class support for key college-level student success skills, such as time management, motivation, and concentration.

► ► ►Faculty and Staff can request that an Academic Coach do a workshop in your class, Residential Learning Community, or event.

Peer Mentoring

► ► ►Peer mentors are fellow students here to provide academic and social support to new students enrolled in First Year Experience seminars.

  • Your peer mentor can help you figure out all the resources the university has to offer and can share "tips and tricks" to help you excel in college!

► ► ►Peer mentors offer Academic Success Workshops, focusing on the skills you need to shine here at Fitchburg State. From APA formatting to metacognition, they're here for you!

Online Learning Resources

Many internet providers are currently offering free wifi, and Fitchburg State's IT department has turned on Public Wi-Fi in the Ross Street parking lot (#11 on the parking map). We hope these resources make it easier to access online or phone-based tutoring.

Additionally, the library has free access to hundreds of e-textbooks.

Please, email tutorcenter@fitchburgstate.edu if you have additional ideas for how we can help support students!

Location and Hours:

We are located in room 306 of the Hammond Building.
Office Hours: M-F, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Walk-In Center Hours (during the academic year): M-Th, 10am - 7:30pm, F, 10am - 4pm

Congratulations, Seniors!

We are so proud of all you have achieved! Thank you for all the talent, skill, compassion, and humor you've brought to the ACT Center. We couldn't do it without you, and we'll miss you so much. We're excited to see how you're going to change the world!

The Staff

Staff in front of chalk art on campus
From left to right: Morgan Hakala, Lisa Bauer, Andy Linscott, Ellen Hughes, Kat McLellan, Jen Abbott
Portrait of Kat McLellan
Kat McLellan, Director of Academic Coaching and Tutoring Center
Portrait of Jen Abbott
Jen Abbott, Academic Support Specialist
Portrait of Morgan Hakala
Morgan Hakala, Academic Coach
Portrait of Andy Linscott
Andy Linscott, Academic Coach
Portrait of Ellen Hughes
Ellen Hughes, Administrative Assistant
Portrait of Lisa Bauer
Lisa Bauer, Academic Support Specialist
Tracy Foster, Placement Testing Coordinator
Staff in Halloween costumes
Halloween as Spamalot! From left to right, top to bottom: Jen Abbott (Tim the Enchanter), Killer Rabbit, Shrubbery, Lisa Bauer (Sir Galahad), Andy Linscott (Sir Not-Appearing-in-this-Show), Morgan Hakala (Sir Lancelot), Kat McLellan (French Taunter), Ellen Hughes (The Black Knight), Bailey Breen (Sir Galahad II).