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Veteran Services

MF '19-20 Award, Military Friendly SchoolWe are proud to have you at Fitchburg State University and we appreciate your service to our nation. Managing your educational, military and personal responsibilities can be a challenge, and we strive to provide the services and support necessary to achieve your academic goals.

Our Veteran’s Certifying Official acts as a liaison with the Regional Processing Office in Buffalo, NY. Our goal is to assist veterans, or the dependents of veterans, with the application and certification processes of veteran related benefits.

How can we assist you?

Prospective and current students looking for further information regarding veteran related education benefits are encouraged to contact us.

Registrar's Office | 978.665.4196 | | Anthony Building, Room 110

Assists veteran students with questions regarding filing for veteran benefits, certifies enrollment and assists with transfer credit evaluation.

Priority Enrollment

Student veterans enrolled in our daytime undergraduate programs receive priority enrollment. While registration time tickets are grouped by number of credits earned, veterans are able to register 24 hours prior to students with similar credits earned. Please note that priority enrollment cannot begin before the first day of registration for each term.

Delayed VA Payments

Under S2248 PL 115-407 Section 103, Fitchburg State University will not impose a late fee, denial of access to facilities, or other penalty against a veteran or eligible dependent due to a late payment of tuition and/or fees from the VA up to the certified benefits amount. Any portion of the student bill not covered by VA benefits is still expected to be settled by the due date.

General Campus Events and Issues

Dr. Henry Parkinson, Associate Dean of Student Development and Residential Life
978.665.3160 | | Hammond Building, Room G13B

Dr. Parkinson also assists with the Thompson Hall Veteran Campus Center. 

Additional Resources