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Police Certification Concentration

The Police Certification Concentration is a combined four-year Bachelor’s degree and one-year Master’s degree program in Criminal Justice. Upon completion of the program students will also be certified by the Massachusetts Police Training Committee (MPTC). This is a five-year program with hands-on police academy instruction taking place in spring/summer sessions. Students who are certified by the MPTC can seek employment with any Massachusetts municipal police department and in some other states. Accepted students must follow the Code of Conduct for the MPTC Academy.

Required Courses

CJ 1000 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 cr.
CJ 2050 Theory and Practices of Policing 3 cr.
CJ 2650 Correctional Theory and Practice 3 cr.
CJ 2651 Ethics in Criminal Justice 3 cr.
CJ 3130 Criminal Justice Research Methods  
CJ 3135 Advanced Criminal Justice Research Methods  
CJ 3140 Criminal Justice Data Analysis 3 cr.
CJ 3141 Innovative Practices in Policing 3 cr.
CJ 3242 Psychology of Crime 3 cr.
CJ 3250 Crime & Delinquency Prevention 3 cr.
CJ 3750 Colloquium  
CJ OR POLS 2270 Introduction to the Legal Process 3 cr.
POLS 2700 Criminal Procedure: Rights of the Accused 3 cr.
SOC 2750 Criminology 3 cr.
CJ 3057 Criminal Investigation 3 cr.

Elective Courses

CJ 2550 Criminal Law 3 cr.
CJ 2600 Juvenile Justice 3 cr.
CJ 3000 Domestic Terrorism and Hate Crime 3 cr.
CJ 3053 Victimology 3 cr.
CJ 3100 Organized Crime and Youth Gangs 3 cr.
CJ 3055 Legal Issues in Policing 3 cr.
+ 3 free electives    

Curriculum details