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Business Administration Minor

A Minor in Business Administration is based in the liberal arts, coupled with professional courses, to equip students with a knowledge of business theories, policies, and procedures.

Business Administration Minor 18 S.H.

The minor in Business Administration consists of 18 credits. The following four courses are required:

BSAD 2010 Introduction to Financial Reporting 3 cr.
BSAD 3200 Principles of Management 3 cr.
BSAD 3300 Fundamentals of Marketing 3 cr.
BSAD 3500 Business Law I 3 cr.

Two business electives must also be taken. Two of the six required courses may be transferred from another university. Students minoring in Business Administration may take a maximum of two upper-level courses. These courses must be taken at Fitchburg State University and they must be approved by the department chairperson.