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Accelerated Student Resources

Thank YOU for choosing Fitchburg State! Below are some resources to help you navigate the University; we hope you find them helpful! Click here for current course offerings!

Academic Calendar/Deadlines

Tuition and Fees

Choosing Which Courses to Take

Selecting Courses

  • Start by looking at the required courses shown on your Degree Works.
  • Compare the needed courses to when they are offered on your two year rotation (see next tab).
  • Here at Fitchburg State we try to follow the course rotations but in some cases we add and/or remove courses on the schedule. Please check the seats available list to ensure the course you need is running.

Degree Works (This shows your individual Degree Evaluation)

  • Login to Web4 (Student ID @ and Pin are needed).
  • Click on Enter Secure Area and log in.
  • Click on the Student tab. 
  • Click on Degree Evaluation.

Having trouble? Click here for helpful documentation (PDF).

If you need additional help you can contact your Advisor (your Advisor is listed on your Degree Works site).

Program Course Schedule

How to Find my Student Coordinator/Advisor

Things I Should Go to My Student Coordinator for:

  • Additional questions about registration
  • Locating and understanding the plan of study
  • Choosing what courses to sign up for
  • If you plan to take a short break (leave of absence)

Things I Should Go to My Advisor for:

  • Transfer credits
  • Change in program/concentration after matriculation
  • Specific questions about the academic program
  • Course related questions (Course sequencing, advice related to course achievement, etc.)

How to Find My Student Coordinator:

  • Your Student Coordinator will be contacting you shortly after you register for your first course. If you have additional questions please reach out to 978.665.3410.

How to Find My Advisor Instructions:

  • Your Advisor is listed on your Degree Works site (please see the Choosing which courses to take tab for instructions on how to access Degree Works).

Register for a Course

  • To register you must login to Web4. You will need your Student ID number, which is the @ sign followed by 8 digits, this number is emailed with your credentials after we receive the Intent to Enroll form. For first time users who have not logged in before, your PIN will be your birth date (mmddyy.)
  • Click on the Student tab. 
  • Next, select the Registration tab
  • Click the Add/drop classes tab. 
  • Input the CRN(s) of the course you have chosen on the seats list.
  • Click Submit changes
  • Choose Click here to Pay now and then View Charges – Pay Bill to continue paying your bill.

We also have great videos that will walk you through...

Need help? Contact the Registrar's Office at 978.665.4196.

Navigating your Student Account

Login to Web4 and choose Student Accts./View eBill/Make Payments.

  • My Account: Displays current activity, statements, payment history and consents and agreements (which is also located in the right hand column).
  • Make Payment: Location to make a payment.
  • Refunds: Be sure to set up a refund account. This will be necessary if you have to drop a course for any reason and need to receive a refund. Note that you can connect to this site either on the top navigation list or in the right hand column.
  • Help: This option displays how to ask for help or provides additional important information.
  • Authorized Users: This is the location in which you can add an authorized user to make payments on your behalf.
  • Payment Profile: This is where you can save your bank account or credit card information for future payments.
  • Notification: Here you can change the methods in which you receive notifications, via email or text message.
  • Home: Returns you to the main payment screen.

Need help? Contact the Student Accounts department!


Blackboard Login

For technical assistance contact the 24/7 Call Center at 866.830.0518 or Chat Here!

University Departments

Several offices and departments offer resources for our students.

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