Course Selection and Registration - SGOCE Accelerated

Course Selection and Registration

  • 12 credits per semester maximum.  Students should enroll in no more than 2 courses per 7 week term.

Choose your program below:

  • Review your 2 year course rotation to determine the program requirements and when classes are being offered. Classes and rotations are subject to change, so always check the seats available list to ensure the courses you'd like to enroll in are being offered for the given term
  • Course information provided on the seats list can be used to assist you with registering in College Scheduler
  • For most programs classes can be taken in any order, with the exception of ones that require a prerequisite or recommend taking as you near completion of your program
  • Upon registering for a course, you can look at your remaining courses needed in Degree Works
  • Student email account will be activated upon enrollment in a class

Degree Works (shows your individual Degree Evaluation)

  • Login to Web4 (Student ID @ and Pin are needed).
  • Click on Enter Secure Area and log in.
  • Click on the Student tab.
  • Click on Degree Evaluation.

Having trouble? View the Degree Works documentation (PDF).

If you need additional help you can contact your Advisor (your Advisor is listed on your Degree Works site).

  • Login to Web4
  • Click Student
  • Click Registration
  • Click Add/Drop Classes
  • Click College Scheduler

If you attempt to register for a course from your online, accelerated program in College Scheduler and receive an error message saying, “course closed”, feel free to put yourself on the waitlist for that course. This lets us know that more students need a particular course, so we can consider making schedule changes to accommodate the need. Note that this does not guarantee that space will be made available. But, it does indicate that you would like to be added when and if the decision is made to add additional seats.

Here's how to add yourself to the waitlist:

  • If College Scheduler has indicated the course is full, you will be given the option to add your name to the waitlist. Once you've added your name to the waitlist, College Scheduler will confirm your enrollment on the waitlist and you will receive a confirmation waitlist email to your Fitchburg State email.
  • Your name is now added to the waitlist for this SGOCE course.
  • If a seat opens, a staff member of the Registrar’s Office will register you for the desired course section.
  • You will receive an alert at your Fitchburg State student email address.
  • Once registered, please adhere to published payment deadlines to secure your spot in the desired course.
  • Questions regarding financial aid can be addressed to that office at or 978.665.3156.

*Online, accelerated programs include: MBA (multiple concentrations), MEd Curriculum and Teaching Non-licensure, MEd EDLM Non-licensure, and RN to BS in Nursing

Need help? Contact the Registrar's Office at 978.665.4196.

Check out the University Catalog to review your program requirements.