Social Justice Webinar Series

  • Offered periodically throughout the year
  • Free to attend

Webinar 1: The Urgency of Social Justice

This webinar will address the importance of social justice and why we can no longer be bystanders in the face of injustice.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will gain a new understanding of social justice terminology and a deeper understanding of how these terms play a role in their life.

Participants will learn the difference between equality vs. equity and inclusion vs. belonging as a method to being a better ally. 

Participants will learn about intercultural competence and its use in understanding ourselves and others. 

Webinar 2: Addressing Implicit Bias and Microaggressions

This webinar will define and explore the roots of implicit bias and microaggressions. There will be engaging videos, scenarios and other methods of learning to help deepen the understanding of these terms. 

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will be able to identify their own implicit bias and define microaggressions.

Participants will be able to discuss experiences of times where they experienced or caused a microaggression and how to prevent it in the future.

Participants will gain tools to address and intervene when they witness, cause or experience a microaggression.

Instructor: Faustina J. Cuevas, M.Ed (she/her)
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Independent Consultant

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