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Our courses, workshops and institutes provide an array of professional development opportunities including ways to earn PDPs (DESE-approved), graduate credit, and undergraduate credit.

We also collaborate with the School of Graduate, Online and Continuing Education, local organizations, and businesses to offer a variety of programs for professionals looking to grow through a certificate or degree program.

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Highlighted Courses

100% Online | October 22, 2021

Exploring the Complexity of Culture and Bias in the Workplace

1 hour remote course orientation on October 22 plus 3 hours of self-paced online modules for a total of 4 instructional hours. This course provides employers and employees with engaging opportunities to explore, examine and assess how they identify themselves to the world, how biases and misconceptions interfere with understanding others around them, and what systems limit diversity, inclusion, and equity.
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Ongoing | Online

Courses for Equity & Social Change

From social justice webinars to cultural competency for educators and more, these courses are dedicated to providing a deeper understanding of modern social issues. 
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100% Online | August 2 - October 24, 2021

Supporting LGBTQIA and Gender Diverse Students in the K-12 Environment

An introduction into the challenges that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual (LGBTQIA+) students face in schools on a daily basis. By understanding terminology, historical context, and the preconceived notions we ourselves carry about the LGBTQIA+ community, we can begin to creating intentional, inclusive, and supportive learning environments.
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Certificate in Computer Skills for the Office

Technology has revolutionized business communications, and workers across all industries are now expected to demonstrate a basic level of computer literacy. Focusing on Microsoft Office software, these courses will guide learners through the tools and techniques needed to create products that both inform and impress.
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Ongoing | Online

Professional Development and Certificates

Programs  for learners looking to advance in their current positions, explore career alternatives, earn a professional certification, or enhance their knowledge in their area of interest
Read more about: Professional Development and Certificates
100% Online | Self-Paced

Certificate in Online Learning

This course introduces the major models, tools, and techniques for creating and delivering online learning.
Read more about: Certificate in Online Learning

HR Hot Topics Bundle

To keep pace with changing business environments, new technologies, and employee needs, human resources professionals must understand of the topics and issues shaping today's workplace. This series of courses addresses a range of key issues, "hot topics," and trends, including in-demand benefits, flexible work arrangements, and inclusive workspaces.
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Cyber Security Training Program

A cyber range is a hands-on training facility that provides virtualized hyper-immersive, experiential training where individuals and teams receive instruction on how to respond to and defend real-world cyber security attacks in a simulated, virtual environment. In partnership with Cyber Range Solutions Inc. (CRS), our range features Cyberbit, which is the most widely deployed cybersecurity training and simulation platform.
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July 2022 | dates to be determined

Advanced Placement Summer Institutes (APSI)

The AP Summer Teacher Training Institutes are designed to support all aspects of AP courses, including AP methodology, curriculum, class assignments and examinations as well as providing strategies for teaching AP courses.
Read more about: Advanced Placement Summer Institutes (APSI)
August 2022 | dates to be determined

Police Mountain Bike Training (PMBT)

This class requires that each officer be fit and in excellent health. Please ensure your officers have ample riding time on bikes prior to class for endurance, flexibility, and importantly, to prevent injuries.
Read more about: Police Mountain Bike Training (PMBT)

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