Wilson Language Training Program

Wilson Language Training Program students can earn Fitchburg State University graduate credit for their completed Wilson Language courses. Please note: If you have not completed your coursework you are not eligible to register for these courses.

Students who wish to register for graduate credit must have satisfied all course requirements (completed the course) as outlined in the approved course syllabi. Students must register no more than 60 days after the class has ended. Please note that students will only be able to register for classes the 1 to the 15 of each month

If you will need a transcript of your graduate credit, please wait until the beginning of the month following your request. For example, if you registered for credit during the month of February, the grade would be posted and transcript ready to order at the beginning of March. If you have any questions regarding the status of your grades before ordering a transcript, please contact the Registrar's Office at the information listed above.

Registration takes place the 1 through the 15 of each month as follows:

  • Fall semester: September through December
  • Spring semester: January through May
  • Summer semester I: June
  • Summer semester II: July and August

Please use the course numbers below to register for classes.

Register Online

Students that have previously registered for Fitchburg State University credit may register by clicking the link below. All Wilson students must pay online at time of registration.

  1. Go to web4.fitchburgstate.edu.
  2. Click on Enter Secure Area
  3. Enter your User ID (student ID or social security number).
  4. Enter your PIN (your password). If you forgot your password, click on Forgot PIN. You will be walked through a variety of steps.
  5. Click on Student
  6. Click on Registration
  7. Click on Add/Drop Classes
  8. Choose the term for which you are registering and click Submit
  9. Enter the CRN(s) for the class for which you are registering and click Submit Changes

Students who have never registered for Fitchburg State University credit may register by clicking on the link below.

As a first-time student, you will need complete a two-step process. First, you will create your student record by following the instructions below. After you complete that process, you will then be sent an email with instructions on how to register for your class(es). 

We've also created a video tutorial to help!

  1. Go to First Time User Account Creation
  2. Click on New Non-degree Student Application
  3. Click on First Time User Account Creation
  4. Create a Login ID (i.e. first initial, last name Bsmith).
  5. Create a 6 character PIN (password).
  6. Reenter the 6 character PIN (password).
  7. Click Login
  8. Click Continue
  9. Choose your application type from the dropdown (graduate or undergraduate).
  10. Choose the Admission Term from the dropdown.
  11. Enter your name in the fields provided.
  12. Click on Fill out Application and then follow the prompts.

You will immediately receive an email with a link for you to click on to register for your classes. The email will indicate your student ID. Your password for logging in is your birthday (MMDDYY format).  The email will also include step-by-step instructions for registering for your class(es).

If you already exist in our student information system, you will receive a message letting you know this. The message contains a link for logging in. You can enter your student ID or your SSN and then click on Forgot PIN if you do not remember your password.

Wilson Language Courses

Fitchburg State Course Title
(CRN numbers will only be
available the 1st thru the
15th of each month)
CRNs available
December 1–15
(Use Fall 2022 Term)
Credits   Cost Wilson
Agency Fee
Total Cost
Wilson Lang Trng - WRS Introductory Workshop (READ 7010) 19150 1 $210.00 $40.00 $250.00
Wilson Lang - Word Study Online Course, Part 1 - WRS Steps 1-3 (READ 7012) 19151 3 $295.00 $40.00 $335.00
Wilson Lang Trng - Word Study Online Course, Part 2 - WRS Steps 4-6 (READ 7014) 19152 3 $295.00 $40.00 $335.00
Wilson Lng Trn-L1 Prac WRS 1-6 (READ 7020) 19153 3 $295.00 $40.00 $335.00
Wilson Lang Trng - WRS Adv Strat, Group Inst (READ 8030) 19154 1 $210.00 $40.00 $250.00
Wilson Lang Trng - WRS Group Mastery Pract (READ 8040) 19155 3 $295.00 $40.00 $335.00
Wilson Lang Trng - WRS Adv Word Study Steps 7-12 (READ 8050) 19156 3 $295.00 $40.00 $335.00
Wilson Lang Trng - WRS Steps 7-12 Practicum (READ 8060) 19157 3 $295.00 $40.00 $335.00
Wilson Lang Trng - Gen Ed Clsrm (Tier 1) Fnd Skills w/ Foundations Fac Lvls K, 1, 2, or 3 (READ 8070) 19158 3 $295.00 $40.00 $335.00
Wilson Lang Trng - Clsrm (Tier 2) Fnd Skills w/ Just Words Fac (READ 8080) 19159





Wilson Lang Trng - Interv (Tier 2) Fnd Skills w/ Foundations Fac Interv (READ 8085) 19160 3 $295.00 $40.00 $335.00

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