Landmark Outreach Professional Development Partnership

With Fitchburg State University’s Center for Professional Studies
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Landmark Outreach helps educators broaden their thinking about how to teach students with language-based learning disabilities, which fall under the broader category of specific learning disabilities (SLD). They provide the bridge that links teachers with the evidence-based practices that improve student outcomes.

They offer school consultation, graduate courses and seminars, and online courses to help educators enhance their instruction of students with language-based learning disabilities (LBLD). 

All Landmark Outreach syllabi, course schedules, and instructors are fully vetted by Fitchburg State University’s School of Graduate, Online and Continuing Education and the School of Education. 

How do I earn Fitchburg State graduate credit through this partnership? 

  1. Register with Landmark Outreach first.
  2. View the Landmark Outreach schedule here.  
  3. Once registered with Landmark Outreach, you may return to the Center for Professional Studies webpage to register for graduate credit. 
  4. Graduate credit is optional and an additional fee is paid for graduate credit.
  5. You will need the five-digit Fitchburg State course number to register for graduate credit.  This number will be given to you by Landmark Outreach. 
  6. Be aware of Center for Professional Studies Landmark Outreach deadlines.
  7. Fall 2023 graduate credit registration start date: 10/17/23
  8. Fall 2023 graduate credit registration deadline: 11/3/23 
  9. Once a Landmark Outreach participant registers for graduate credit with Fitchburg State, no refunds will be issued.
  10. Once your Landmark Outreach course is complete, your instructor will enter your grade into the Fitchburg State student information system. 
  11. View your unofficial transcript here
  12. Request an official university transcript here
  13. Questions? 

Register Here for Graduate Credits

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