Intercultural Competency Training for Real Estate Professionals

Intercultural Competency Training for Real Estate Professionals

Instructors: Angele Goss and Lynn D'Agostino

As North Central Massachusetts becomes more culturally diverse, Realtors are to effectively conduct business in a culturally competent way. When Realtors understand how language, heritage, and culture shape our communities, they can better serve their clients, build long-term relationships, participate fully in fair housing practices and benefit from continued referrals.

Learning Outcomes

  • Better awareness of cultural differences
  • Explore your own biases and how they might impact your clients
  • Gain an “intercultural competency” lens that will help you to review marketing materials, organize home showings, reach out to clients at their comfort-level, and build positive community partnerships
  • Have a better understanding of surface and deep culture
  • Become engaged with the topic of diversity to continue your learning journey

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