Fitchburg State University Institutional Refund Policy

The following Institutional Refund Policy is a reference for all Day students withdrawing from the University. The information below reflects the percentage of tuition and fees the student will be charged dependent on the official date of withdrawal. Please note: if you are a resident your charges for housing and meal plan / food are dependent on the date you move off campus and are not reflective of the below percentages.

Students that are withdrawn through the administration for judicial matters may be ineligible to receive any refund for tuition, fees and/or housing and meal plan / food.

Day Tuition Appeals Process

If you feel that you have an extenuating circumstance that justifies an exception to the institutional refund policy, you may appeal your charges and it will be reviewed by the Day Tuition Appeals committee.

If a student is using Financial Aid against their total charges, please refer to the Financial Aid return of Title IV Refund Policy.

Please note that this refund policy is for tuition and fees only. Housing and Meal Plan charges are not included in this policy.

Fall 2023

Week Tuition Fees
0: Prior to 9/07/2023 100% 100%
1: 9/07/2023–9/13/2023 90% 90%
2–3: 9/14/2023–9/27/2023 50% 50%
4–7: 9/28/2023–10/25/2023 25% 25%
8–15: 10/26/2023–12/13/2023 0% 0%

Spring 2024

Week Tuition Fees
0: Prior to 1/16/2024 100% 100%
1: 1/16/2024–1/22/2024 90% 90%
2–3: 1/23/2024–2/5/2024 50% 50%
4–7: 2/06/2024–3/04/2024 25% 25%
8–15: 3/05/2024–5/06/2024 0% 0%