Billing and Payment Policies

  • Students registering for a class become responsible for any tuition and fees assessed to the account.
  • Any payments that become past due immediately jeopardize the student’s enrollment and are subject to a $50.00 late fee. Until debts are cleared, a student will not be permitted to register for a subsequent semester. Furthermore, the student may not be issued transcripts, or other official statements unless otherwise mandated by law.
  • Any collection costs associated with the collection of this debt is the responsibility of the student. Additionally, an account may be referred to the State Attorney General or State Intercept Program to recover any debt owed to Fitchburg State University.
  • All Students must satisfy their bill for each semester by the due date to avoid paying a late fee. Acceptable means of satisfying your bill include: paying by MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, cash, checks, money orders and/or using accepted Financial Aid. In addition, a monthly payment plan is also available.
  • If students are using outside aid or scholarships to cover all or part of their bill they must submit a copy of the award letter(s) or the check(s) that have been sent to the them prior to the due date.
  • Students whose checks are returned for insufficient funds or incorrect banking information will incur a $30 fee on their account.
  • State law requires all matriculated students taking 9 or more credits to be covered by health insurance. If a student has adequate health insurance, they must complete a health insurance waiver online in order for the student health insurance charge to be reversed off their account. For guidelines on health insurance please see "What are the requirements for student health insurance."