Student Health Insurance

Waive or Enroll: Student Health Insurance

To waive or enroll online go to:

Enter your student ID (including @ sign) and all required information. Confirmation of submission will be provided.

Important: You will not receive an updated bill when the waiver is submitted. Please deduct the insurance charge from the bill you have.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts mandates that all matriculated students enrolled in 9 or more credits, or 4.5 or more graduate credits must be covered by a health insurance plan comparable to the policy offered by Fitchburg State University or purchase the Fitchburg State University health insurance plan. Students taking only online courses are exempt from this requirement.

All eligible students at Fitchburg State University will be billed for the health insurance plan provided by the university. If you have adequate insurance, a waiver form must be completed online each fall semester. If you are starting in the spring semester, please waive it before the bill due date in December. Moving forward, you will need to waive it each June-August.

The online waiver will be available mid-June. We require students to complete the waiver before the fall bill due date in August, otherwise the charge will show as past due on your account. In order to comply with state law, if a waiver is not completed by October 1 you may be forced to enrolled in the plan and be responsible for the insurance charge.

Students must be enrolled in a degree program and meet registration requirements to be eligible for enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan.

The Health Insurance Policy is administered by University Health Plans, Inc. (1.833.251.1724). Students should call this number if they have not received their BC/BS card and need their ID number. 

2024/2025 Rates

  • Full year (8/1-7/31): $3,941.00
  • Fall Only (December graduates only, 8/1-12/31): $1,645.00
  • Spring Only (1/1-7/31): $2,301.00

International Student Health Requirement

All international students taking classes on campus are required to enroll in the Fitchburg State University student health insurance plan and will be responsible for the fee. The policy is effective from  August 1 to July 31.

Failure to comply with these requirements may prohibit you from registering for future classes. If an international student has comparable coverage they may request a waiver by completing the online Health Insurance Waiver Request form and submitting the required documents.  The required documents are: Summary of Benefits, policy dates and copy of insurance ID card.

Students with coverage from insurance carriers outside the United States or coverage by foreign National Health Insurance programs may not waive participation in the University’s plan. These plans are not deemed to be comparable to coverage under a QSHIP program. This is a change in the QSHIP regulations that has been mandated by the Division of Health Care Finance and Policy and all institutions are required to comply with this change.

For any questions regarding student health insurance, please contact Student Accounts at 978.665.4126 or by email