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Mara Village

Mara Village is a complex of several suite-style, numbered buildings (Mara 1-8), located on campus neighboring Conlon, nearby student service buildings such as Anthony & Sanders, and the closest residence halls to McKay.

Consistently all Mara Village buildings include multiple suites. The building common areas include a lounge and kitchen space. There is a mix of design-double, premium-single, and a limited number of design-single rooms. Within each Mara suite are bedrooms (the majority of suites include four bedrooms), a bathroom for the suitemates, and a suite common room.

Mara 8 is the largest and includes the laundry facilities for all Mara Village residents.  In addition there is a full kitchen and the staff's offices.  There is a professional staff on duty during business hours and the student Resident Assistant (RA) in the  evenings all nights during the regular school year.

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