Roommate Request Process

How to Request a Roommate

  1. Log in to Web4
  2. Go to Student tab, select THD Self- Service
  3. Click Roommate Request Process drop-down at top of screen.
  4. Select Roommate/Suitemate
  5. Select the correct term
  6. At that point you can do one of two search options:
    • Simple Roommate Search (You know who you want to request)
    • Advanced Roommate Search (You want to see who is out there)

**If you are unable to find someone, it may be because you chose different Residential Living Communities**

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Roommate requests are NOT guaranteed.

Students can request roommates prior to housing selection and/or housing placement. We encourage students to take some time to get to know others through social media, Open Houses, Orientations and through our Advanced Roommate Search system. Living with another person whether you know them or not is an opportunity to grow and develop. It is up to you to decide if a specific student is the Right Fit for you while remembering there is no Perfect Fit.

Looking for Shared Commonalities/Opportunities to Learn

  • Personal Reasons: You get a good feeling about someone you've met. 
  • Habits: You have a habit or habits in common. i.e. study style, sleep schedule
  • Area of Study: You have the same of a similar major or concentration
  • Special Interests: You have an interest in common with someone outside of academic interests
  • Athletic Team: You have the same athletic routine, workout schedule, practices and games
  • Friend/Relative from Home: You have a sibling, cousin or friend you know prior to Fitchburg State