New Student Housing Application Instructions

Welcome to the Fitchburg State University Community. Housing and Residential Services is excited you have chosen to live on campus with us. Now that your housing deposit has been received the next step is to complete your online housing application.

Logging-In To Web4:

  • Go to Web4
  • Select Enter Secure Area
  • Enter your User ID
    • which is your student ID number beginning with @ followed by 8 numbers
  • Enter your Pin Number
    • and which is your birthday (mmddyy)
      • First time logging-in, you will be prompted to change your pin number.
  • Contact Services Help Desk at 978.665.4500 if issues with logging-in to Web4.

Complete the Housing Application and Sign-off on the Housing Occupancy Agreement:

  • Select Student, then select THD Self-Service
  • Choose the 2024-2025 NEW-TRANSFER STUDENT Housing Application - Full Academic Year (Fall 2024) and select NEXT
  • Read carefully through the Housing Occupancy Agreement.
    • Read carefully the Occupancy Agreement Releases and Cancellations.
    • Once you select I AGREE you have agreed to the terms of the Housing Occupancy Agreement for the full academic year.
    • Under the Age of 18: If you are currently under the age of 18, your guardian will need to electronically sign off on the Housing Occupancy Agreement. A separate email will be forwarded to them once you complete your housing application to the email address provided on the guardian information page of the application.
  • You will now be prompted to answer questions regarding your Personal Preferences, which will be used to help match you with a roommate.
  • Select a meal plan, which is required for all students living in the residence halls.
  • After you successfully complete the application, you will receive a Thank You Screen with further information.
    • If you do not see this screen you have not completed the application.
  • Contact Housing and Residential Services 978.665.3219 if you have issues with completing the Housing Application.

Instructions for Requesting a Specific Roommate

At Fitchburg State University you may request a specific roommate from those who have elected to be in the same Residential Living Community and that has a completed Housing Occupancy Agreement with our office. The student you request will be notified on their THD main page that you have requested to live with them.

IMPORTANT: The roommate you request also must request you by going through the instructions listed above. You will only be able to request a roommate as stated above (they must complete the housing application within the same Residential Community). This process will be available on Web4. Additional information will be provided during orientation.

  • Follow instructions 1-3 listed above.
  • Select Student, then select THD.
  • Select the Roommate Selection option.
  • Input your desired roommate’s information or search for a roommate by answering the questions on shared interests. 
  • Select Request Student as Roommate.