Cyber Security Training Program

For a hands-on and immersive experience in cyber security for those already working in the field, our Cyber Range Training program is an incredible opportunity.
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Cyber Range Training Program

A cyber range is a hands-on training facility that provides virtualized hyper-immersive, experiential training where individuals and teams receive instruction on how to respond to and defend real-world cyber security attacks in a simulated, virtual environment. CRS uses a fully licensed enterprise network from vendors such as Microsoft, McAfee, Palo Alto, Check Point, Splunk among others. The range is both NICE and MITRE ATT&CK Framework-compliant and offers the opportunity to experience, identify, isolate, and remediate real-world malware attacks such as the ransomware attack WannaCry. 

In partnership with Cyber Range Solutions Inc. (CRS), our range features Cyberbit, which is the most widely deployed cybersecurity training and simulation platform. Through Fitchburg State’s training programs, you will engage in individual and group simulations to provide credible and relevant training.

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Online Training with hands-on instructors

All courses are 100% online
hours of synchronous class time with your peers and leading cybersecurity instructors
hours of live cyber range training led by our industry experts

Job Sector Analysis

  • “There are more than 500,000 cybersecurity positions open in the US and nearly 15,110 of them are in Massachusetts.”
  • Be in high demand as a professional in cybersecurity, the Department of Labor projects 18% job growth in this field by 2024. On average, cybersecurity roles take 21% longer to fill than other IT jobs.
  • The New York Times reports there will be 3.5 million open cybersecurity jobs across the globe in 2021. New York Times 2021
  • 95% of CIOs expect cybersecurity threats to get worse.

Jobs in demand in this field

  • Cyber Security Engineer
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Cyber Security Consultant
  • Cyber Security Manager / Administrator
  • Systems Engineer
  • Software Developer / Engineer
  • Network Engineer / Architect
  • Vulnerability Analyst / Penetration Tester
  • Cyber Security Specialist / Technician

Course Descriptions

Cost: $3000

Format and Length: 100% Online -  and a total of 40 hours: 25 hours of synchronous instruction and 15 hours of live training in the Cyber Range.

Courses offered in both  Summer B (July 13 - Aug 31, 2021) and Fall B (Nov 2 - Dec. 21, 2021): 

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Courses offered in both Fall A  (Sept. 7 - Oct 26, 2021)  and Spring  (Jan 18 - Mar 1, 2022):

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