Tornado Warning

When a tornado warning is issued by the National Weather Service, University Police will activate the emergency notification system(s). All individuals on campus should proceed to the nearest designated shelter. Persons already in a building should stay in that building and go to the nearest designated shelter area. Those outside should immediately enter the nearest building and proceed to the nearest designated shelter area (please note that only resident students have card access to the residence hall to which they are assigned).

During a tornado or other weather crisis, persons who are not resident students or students who are not near their residence halls should seek shelter in classroom or administrative buildings.

During a tornado emergency, faculty members and supervisory personnel will:

  • Direct occupants to proceed in a quick and orderly manner to the nearest designated shelter area in the building.
  • Instruct occupants not to leave the building.
  • Turn off all lights and electronic equipment in the room.
  • Provide assistance to persons with disabilities if necessary.

All others should:

  • Proceed to the nearest designated shelter area in the building by the closest route.
  • Move quickly but in an orderly manner so that all may arrive safely.
  • Take a seat in the shelter area.
  • Residence hall residents will follow the specific residence hall guidelines for a tornado warning.

Places to avoid during a tornado emergency include:

  • All outside walls, elevators, and windows of buildings.
  • Any low-lying area that could flood.
  • Vehicles—these should not be used for shelter.
  • Building areas with a large roof span.

Remain in the shelter until the tornado warning is over. There is no “all clear” signal given. Listen to a radio or television station to determine when the threat has passed or call University Police.

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