Community Engagement

Community engagement focuses on developing relationships between the community and the officers they come into contact with. Because of the relationships, the community members may feel a sense of loyalty to the officers and ultimately each is more cooperative with the other. Over time, this type of policing develops a more robust relationship between the police department and the university community, which in turn, helps to enhance campus safety.

Fitchburg State Police officers with faculty members

You can explore and learn more of our Community Engagement efforts here:

New Offerings


We offer a new training called Violence Identification, Prevention and Reporting (VIPR). The course is designed to help people spot suspicious behavior before criminal acts occur. The training helps participants develop enhanced levels of awareness and learn how to identify suspicious behaviors and report their observations to authorities. University Police will offer VIPR training to any department, club or organization on campus at their request.

Until Help Arrives

We have also adopted a Federal Emergency Management Agency program called Until Help Arrives, designed to show participants simple, potentially life-saving actions they can take in an emergency until professional assistance is available. The training is available upon request.

You can request more information or schedule an event for your department, club, organization, or group by submitting a Community Engagement Request Form or emailing Nicole Arcangeli.


We pride ourselves on being a service orientated, community focused police department. We offer to our community a wide variety of services and programs that goes far beyond our traditional police functions. Our officers and department are available twenty-four hours a day, every day. Below is a sample of some of the services we offer the Fitchburg State University Community.

  • Shuttle Services
  • Motor Vehicle Issues and Concerns
  • Emergency Call Boxes

We believe that sometimes to best assist a student, a team approach should be used. Below are links to some of the other departments on campus that we, the University Police, work closely with:

Other Services We Provide

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