Rape Aggression Defense (RAD)

R.A.D. Rape Aggression Defense Systems

What is RAD?

Rape Aggression Defense System is one of the best women's self-defense courses available. RAD is a program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques. It is a comprehensive self-defense course for women that begin with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance, while progressing on to the basics of hands-on defensive training. RAD is not a martial arts program. Courses are taught by certified instructors and provide you with a workbook/reference manual. The manual outlines the entire physical defense program for reference and continuous personal growth.

Who can take the class?

University female students and employees as well as female friends of students and employees. All ages are encouraged and welcome.

Why RAD?

The RAD Systems curriculum is taught at over 400 colleges/universities and police departments across the United States and Canada. It is the only self-defense program ever to be endorsed by the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA). RAD sets the national standard in self-defense instructor certification; and is internationally recognized for its programming quality and organizational commitment to excellence. RAD Systems balances the needs of women to acquire self-defense education in a relatively short period of time with the lifelong commitment required for physical skill mastery.

The RAD Class

The RAD class is taught over a period of 12 hours that consist of four evening classes of 3 hours each. The first class is an overview and discussion on risk reduction and prevention. The next two classes consist of learning and practicing physical defense moves. The final class is a simulation of an attack. This is the class where everything the student learns comes together.

Students must attend all four classes to complete the course. Simulation is strictly voluntary and the students can still complete the class if they choose not to volunteer; but they must be present. The vast majority of women who perform the simulation leave with a feeling of empowerment.

All classes will be held in the Recreation Center.