University Police Policies and Procedures

Chapter 1

Organization and Administration

Jurisdiction and Service Boundaries 

Mission, Values, and Philosophy 

Written Directive System 

Maintenance of Cash Accounts 

Line Inspections

Chapter 2

Oath of Office for Sworn Officers

Code of Ethics 

Legally Mandated Authority and Responsibility 

Interviews and Interrogations


Alternatives to Arrest

Search & Seizure

Chapter 3

Employee Evaluations 

Promotional Process 

Annual Shift Bid

Employee Leave and Time Off

Off Duty Employment 

Reserve and Auxiliary Officers 

Chapter 4

Professional Conduct 

Sexual and Unlawful Harassment 

Bias Based Profiling

Social Media

Complaint Investigations

Accountability and Appeal 

Chapter 5

Recruitment and Selection

Personnel Selection

Chapter 6

Training and Professional Development

Chapter 7

Response to Resistance

Weapons Proficiency

Chapter 8

Detainee Processing and Temporary Detention

Protective Custody


Detainee Transportation


Chapter 9

Patrol Operations

Use of Seat Belts

Patrol Response

Vehicle Equipment

Administrative Notifications

Bicycle Patrol

Vehicle Pursuits

Missing Persons

Consular Notifications with Attachments

Mental Health 

Body Armor

Safety Escorts

Interaction with Transgender Individuals

Lockouts and Access Control

Chapter 10

Motor Vehicle Enforcement

Parking Enforcement

Traffic Collision Investigation

Traffic Direction and Control

Traffic Escorts 

Traffic Assistance

Towing Abandoned Vehicles

Chapter 11


Communications Procedures

Alarm Monitoring Response

DCJIS Cori Policy 

DCJIS Use and Access

Communication Center Security

Mobile Data Terminals

Chapter 12

Community Engagement

Threat Assessment

Public Relations

Video Surveillance

Chapter 13

Investigative Services

Courtroom Testimony

Investigative Operations

Confidential Informants

Eyewitness Identification 

Hate Crimes

Victim Witness Assistance

Victim Rights

Death Injury Notification

Domestic Violence

Sexual Assault Investigations

Auto Theft

Chapter 14

Evidence Collection

Chapter 15

Property and Evidence Control

Chapter 16

Timely Warnings Notifications (TWN)

Reports and Records

Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report

Chapter 17

All Hazard Plan

Crowd Control Demonstrations

Emergency Notifications

Building Evacuation Plan


Occupational Exposure

Medical Response

Active Shooter and Hostile Event Response Plan

Hazardous Material

Chapter 18

Title IX Compliance