Fire and the associated dangers of smoke, structural damage, and toxic releases can pose serious threats of injury and death to faculty, students, staff, visitors, and emergency personnel. Do not try to fight a fire unless you have received training in how to safely do so.

In order to control a fire and minimize its damage, the following steps should be taken immediately:

  • Leave the area at once.
  • Pull the fire alarm.
  • Alert other people in the area and instruct them to leave the building.
  • Close, do not lock, all doors and windows if you can safely do so to help contain the fire.
  • Stay as low as possible to avoid smoke and heat.
  • Evacuate the building calmly, but quickly, following evacuation and assembly procedures posted in the building (see Evacuation Plan).
  • Do not use elevators.
  • Go directly to the designated assembly area and await additional instructions.
  • Report anyone who is missing and who was in your classroom or area when the evacuation began to the University Police or Housing and Residential Services staff.
  • Remain at the assembly area until you are instructed how to proceed by the University Police or Fitchburg Fire Department.

If Trapped:

  • Alert emergency responders of your location by whistling, shouting, or using an object to beat on walls or floor in a rhythmic manner.
  • If a telephone is available, call extension 3111 (or 978.665.3111 from a cell phone) and notify University Police of your location. You may also place an article of clothing or other device to use as a signal in a window, if a window is available.
  • Stuff material in door cracks to minimize smoke and try to stay low near the floor where heat, smoke, and contaminants may be less.
  • If you are injured, tend to injuries.