Health Insurance

The Group Insurance Commission offers life insurance, long-term disability coverage, flexible spending, and 8 different health insurance plans to benefit-eligible employees. Plans are chosen upon hire and may be changed during the annual open enrollment period. For newly hired employees, coverage is effective on the first of the month, following 60 days of employment.

Prescription Drug Benefits 

Flexible Spending

Benefit-eligible employees may also be eligible to utilize Flexible Spending to pay for medical and/or child care expenses on a pre-tax basis. This program is now managed by Benefit Strategies. Annual enrollment occurs during open enrollment every April - May.

Dental Insurance

Retirement Plans

Supplemental Retirement Plans

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Please note that employees who are retiring from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts may be eligible to take advantage of the supplemental retirement plans to defer their sick and vacation buyouts. Please contact Human Resources for more information.

Peter Tziachris |  Retirement Plan Advisor
Massachusetts SMART Plan
Investment Adviser Representative, Advised Assets Group, LLC
Registered Representative, GWFS Equities, Inc.
255 Bear Hill Road Waltham, MA  02451
Plan Support:  877.457.1900 | Direct:  774.265.4090 | Fax:  781.890.2919 |
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James Kaufmann

1.800.426.3753 or 413.270.0170

TIAA is now offering one-on-one consultations through an updated Meeting Scheduler link below which allows meetings to be reserved up to 45 days in advance. Participants can select from an abundance of available meeting times and are no longer restricted to meeting virtually on specific days. 

To schedule time with one of our TIAA financial consultants, visit to set up a meeting or call 800-732-8353 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. (ET)

  • Josh Lawrence
    Financial Consultant
  • Mark Bertonazzi  
    Sr. Financial Consultant
  • Ron Bruncaj
    Financial Consultant
  • Thomas Garcia-Meitin
    Financial Consultant


All benefit-eligible employees are entitled to purchase various insurance coverage(s) including short term disability through AFLAC and pay for their premiums through payroll deductions. Stop by Human Resources for more information or contact AFLAC Representative Scudder K. Sinclair at 617.768.7669. Email:

Leaves and Accruals

Benefited, state employees may be entitled to accrue sick, personal, and vacation leave. The amount and type of leave accrued and is based upon the language in the corresponding collective bargaining agreement.


Benefited, state employees are entitled to 11 holidays each year. Faculty are entitled to those holidays which fall within the academic year. Holidays are paid within the constraints of each respective collective bargaining agreement. If any employee is absent without pay for a fraction of a day immediately before or after a holiday, that employee is not entitled to receive pay for that holiday. The state holiday calendar is located on our payroll information page.

Additional Resources

University Savings Plans

Staff Discounts

Our employees are offered numerous discounts through various vendors, in addition to the discounts offered by the OneCard.