Print Services

Print Services manages the copying, printing, and design needs for Fitchburg State University. Our services are available for official university business to academic departments, administrative offices, on-campus organizations, and funded student organizations. For detailed information, please see our description of services. Feel free to come visit or contact us with any questions you may have.



A: For jobs that are ready to copy, PDF files are preferred. Email your PDF files to One attachment per email, please. Include instructions in the body of your email such as:

  • Quantity
  • Paper choice
  • Finishing (1 or 2 sided, staple, 3-hole drill, or booklet format)
  • Contact info
  • Department name
  • Projected due date
  • FOAPAL (if applicable)

You do not need a copy order form unless you are scanning a hardcopy to us via the Print Services button on your departmental copier or submitting a hard copy through campus mail. Please indicate if the printing is for an SGOCE course.

A: If you are requesting services that may be billable for your department or student organization, we may ask you for a FOAPAL number. A FOAPAL is a sequence of numbers that enables us to bill those services directly to your department. You can request this number from your department’s administrative assistant or director. If you are a funded student organization, your treasurer should be able to help you with this.

A: Please contact with any questions you may have.

A: Please fill out the Business Card Request Form.

A: Please refer to our university logos page. If you require other university artwork not found here, contact

A: The highest quality and most efficient PDFs are made directly from software rather than scanning. To create a PDF from any Microsoft Office document, go to File > Save As > and choose PDF as the file type from the drop down menu. Visit the Microsoft help page for more information.

A: A shared review of a PDF allows all members in the share to post editing notes to the same PDF, which is visible to the group. Please refer to this tutorial on starting or participating in a shared review.

A: For mechanical problems (paper jams, poor quality), contact Ricoh support online or call 1.888.456.6457. You will need the machine ID number found on the label on the front of the machine. For software problems (can’t log in, can’t print to the machine), contact the IT Helpdesk at 978.665.4500 or

A: Please complete the Paper and Supplies Request.

A: Please refer to the copyright guidelines.

A: No. Print Services is an in-plant facility, funded by the state, to service the University. We are only available for official university business and cannot unfairly compete with local businesses.

A: The donation of our services to non-profit organizations is a decision made by the President or the VP of Finance as an in-kind donation or at-cost printing. Print Services does not have the authority to donate its services to any outside organizations.

A: We can certainly take a look at your file and see if there are any quick changes we can make, such as the placement of a proper university logo. We may not be able to do extensive work on a job if you need it copied immediately. We strongly encourage you to let us help you with the design before you invest too much time in something you may not be happy with. Contact anytime to ask questions or submit a job request.

A: Microsoft PowerPoint offers many templates that can help you organize your information, charts, and graphics in a professional manner, even if you are not a graphic designer. Most importantly, if you are preparing a poster to be printed, we suggest that you use graphics that are of print quality (300 dpi) and avoid graphics grabbed on the web. Web graphics are usually of low quality (72 dpi) and will print poorly. Also, you may be violating copyright issues by grabbing images that you don’t have the right to reproduce. Please refer to the Preparing a Poster Using PowerPoint page, which offers some guidelines for students producing posters for the Undergraduate Research Conference. Also, feel free to contact us if you have any technical questions about your design.

A: Your Ricoh Multifunctional Device has a scanning option.

  1. Choose the Scanning icon or button.
  2. On the left of the screen, choose the Resolution button and make sure your setting is on 300 dpi. This is the best setting for high resolution scans.
  3. Choose the Color Depth button. Choose the button that best fits your document. This offers three settings:
    1. Full Color if this is a color scan
    2. Grayscale for black and white photos or halftone graphics
    3. B&W if your scan is simple text

Now you can choose where you’d like to send this scan. There is a Print Services button which allows you to send this directly to us if you have a copy request sheet in the scan. There are also Email to Self and Email to J-Drive buttons. These options will save a copy for you that you can then attach to us in an email. These may be helpful if you’ll need a saved copy of this document in the future.

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Hours: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.