University Logos

The use of the University's logos must be limited to official university business. Guidelines have been set up for the use of the university logo. Users should be aware of these standards.

Below are links to download JPG versions of the university logo. We have three different styles: horizontal 2-line, horizontal 1-line, and stacked. Click on the appropriate link and when the artwork opens, just right-click and save the image.

If you should need EPS vector art for outside vendors, a department logo, or any other kind of university artwork, please contact and we will be happy to help you.

Horizontal 2-line Logo

Horizontal 1-line Logo

Stacked Logo

Falcon Logos

Use of the Fitchburg State Falcon artwork is reserved for the Athletics Department and is not for general use. For further questions, contact Matthew Burke, Director of Athletics at 978.665.3313, or

University Colors

  • PMS 343 Green  (RGB Values: 00-86-63 / Hex Values: 00563F)
  • PMS 123 Yellow  (RGB Values: 233-175-43 / Hex Values: E9AF2F)