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What's a OneCard?

Fitchburg State Mr. Falcon's OneCard

When you come to Fitchburg State as a new student or employee, you'll get a OneCard. This is your official Fitchburg State University identification card and you'll use it to access many services around campus—it's your library card, recreation center pass, meal card, door key, access to campus events and more. You can store funds on your card so you can pay for things around campus without carrying cash. OneCards are issued by the OneCard Office.

How Do I Get My OneCard?

Commuter student OneCards will be distributed at orientation. Students living in a resident hall will be given their card during move-in. If you have not received your card and classes have begun, please come to the OneCard office for your card.

If you are a new faculty or staff member and haven't received a OneCard yet, please come to the OneCard office to obtain your card.

If your OneCard is lost or damaged, please come to the OneCard office for a new card.

An Extended Campus OneCard is available to Graduate and Continuing Education students who are unable to obtain a photo OneCard due to their course location.

To request an Extended Campus OneCard, please complete the Extended Campus OneCard form.

Note: Extended Campus OneCards are not available to faculty/staff.

How Do I Get a Replacement OneCard?

Report lost or stolen cards immediately to the OneCard Office during normal business hours. You can also deactivate the financial functionality of the card via the eAccounts Online Website. New cards can be made at the OneCard Office during normal business hours.

If your OneCard should be lost or stolen, you will be charged a $25 replacement fee. Lost or stolen cards are not subject to the one free replacement card per academic year policy. If you find your card after the card has been replaced destroy the card and throw it away. Refunds will not be issued after a card had been paid for.

Currently enrolled students are eligible for one free card replacement per academic year if the damaged card is surrendered to the OneCard Office. All subsequent damaged card replacements will cost $15.00 as long as the card is surrendered.

OneCard Stored Value Funds

You can store funds on your OneCard in three separate accounts, each serving different purposes:

Off-Campus Programs—Receive Discounts and Pay with Fitchburg Gold

Fitchburg State and local area merchants have teamed up on two programs that are available to members of the University community:

  • The BbOne Program enables students, faculty, and staff to use OneCard Fitchburg Gold funds as a form of payment at participating off-campus merchants.
  • The OneCard Discount Program enables students, faculty and staff to receive an exclusive university discount when they present their valid OneCard at the merchants’ location.

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