Stored Value Funds Comparison

OneCard stored value funds are divided into three separate accounts, each serving different purposes. You can check your account balances on campus at any Card Management Center (CMC) or online using the eAccounts website or mobile app. The features of each type of account are outlined below:

Stored Value Fund Comparison

Features Fitchburg Gold Dining Points Falcon Dollars
Tax Free X * X X
Funds Rollover Each Semester X   X
Guest Deposits Available X    
Online Deposits X    
Card Management Center (CMC) Deposits X    
Refundable X **    

* On-Campus Purchases Only (Excludes Follett Bookstore unless it's a textbook requirement for a class)
** Refunds are ONLY available when your relationship with Fitchburg State University is terminated (either through graduation, withdrawal, or leaving employment)

Locations Accepted Fitchburg Gold Dining Points Falcon Dollars
Holmes Dining Hall
Hammond Bistro
McKay Café
Bookstore X    
Laundry, snack, beverage and photocopiers
Printing X    
Department purchases and payments, including:
• Housing
• Student Accounts
• OneCard
• Library
• Rec Center
• Weston Box Office
• Info Desk
• Health Services
• Mail Center
Off-campus purchases at approved merchants X    

For more information, visit the Fitchburg Gold and Falcon Dollars and Dining Points pages.

All conditions and privileges are outlined in the OneCard agreement available at the OneCard Office and on the OneCard Program Agreement page.