OneCard FAQs

A: Yes! Guest deposits can be made onto a student's card online through the eAccounts website. Follow the instructions (no need to log on). More information on eAccounts can be found here.

A: No. The card is active for your entire stay here at the University. Do not throw your card away to avoid being charged the lost or stolen card fee.

A: No. The new OneCard doesn't stipulate a replacement of your current card. All present OneCards will remain effective.

A: No! Inside your card is an antenna with a small computer chip. If a hole is punched in the card you will damage the antenna and then it will not work. Here are some other things to avoid:


  • Mark or bend the card
  • Scratch the strip of the card
  • Place the card next to magnets
  • Lend the card to others
  • Use the card as a tool to pry things open

A: Contact the Help Desk at 978.665.4500 (they are available 24/7). Remember that family, parents, and friends do not need to log on to make deposits.

A: If the card does not activate either the red or green light when swiped, it means that there is something wrong with your lock. Notify your RA on duty or the Office of Campus Living. If the lock beeps three times and flashes three red lights, you need to bring that card to the OneCard office or to your RA.

A: If you have funds on your card, you should deactivate your card IMMEDIATELY via eAccounts. Once you have found your card, you can have it reactivated by visiting the OneCard Office. If you have determined that it is truly lost, visit the OneCard Office during normal business hours to have a new card made.

A: Once a new card has been made a refund cannot be administered. Destroy that card and throw it away.

A: If the card does not activate either the red or green light when waved in front of the reader, it means that your card needs to be replaced. Visit the OneCard Office during normal business hours to receive a new one. Be sure to bring your old one to receive your first free replacement or your second damaged card for a discounted replacement fee.

If the card turns the light green and beeps but does not open the door, either call or stop by the OneCard Office.

A: The lock is telling you that the internal battery is low. Submit a work request through Capital Planning and Maintenance's Asset Essentials to have the battery replaced.

A: If it doesn't work, try different varying speeds and check the magnetic strip for dirt. If the problem persists, bring your card to the OneCard Office to be checked.

Have a question that's not listed? Email us and we'll get back to you.