Become a OneCard Merchant

Thank you for your interest in Fitchburg State University's OneCard programs. This opportunity could link your business with 6,000 potential customers.

Fitchburg State offers two OneCard programs to local area merchants. Merchants can choose to participate in one or both programs:

  1. The BbOne Off-Campus Program allows merchants to accept OneCard Fitchburg Gold funds as a form of payment at their store.
  2. The OneCard Discount Program allows merchants to provide the University community with a discount.

Both programs involve marketing opportunities through various publications and University events. For more information please contact Darryl Les, Manager of OneCard Operations at 978.665.3376 or

About the OneCard

The Fitchburg State OneCard is essential to students faculty and staff, serving as their University identification, an access pass to campus buildings, and a means of payment for a variety of on-campus purchases, including dining, photocopies, printing, vending, laundry, and tickets to shows and events. Fitchburg State University joins a growing list of schools that are utilizing Blackboard’s expertise in enhancing campus ID card programs and creating local merchant networks.


BbOne Off-Campus Program (Fitchburg Gold)

Fitchburg State University and Blackboard, the campus’ online software vendor, have teamed up to bring Blackboard’s BbOne program to the Fitchburg community. Through the partnership, BbOne builds an off-campus merchant network where students, faculty and staff can utilize their Fitchburg State OneCard to pay for goods and services. BbOne is a transaction–based outsource solution that enables students and faculty to use the University ID card as a form of payment off campus.

By utilizing an existing student discretionary account at the University, BbOne provides the University community with a safe, secure, cashless and convenient way to transact on and off campus, while assuring students and parents that their funds will be spent within a University–approved merchant network. Blackboard develops a comprehensive off–campus merchant network on behalf of each University and manages every aspect of the program from merchant acquisition and funds settlement, to transaction terminal support.

Annual deposits to University Fitchburg Gold accounts have reached over a quarter of a million dollars and we expect that amount to continue to increase as the program grows.

Merchant Benefit


  • Generates revenue
  • Provides solution compatible with existing popular student accounts, no need to introduce a second financial account
  • Delivers fast and efficient program launch
  • New marketing venues
  • Provides parents/students with budget control
  • Enhances community/University relations


  • Merchant set-up and training
  • 24-hour merchant support Help Desk
  • Sophisticated, automated daily and monthly settlement process
  • Monthly merchant statements and biannual performance reports
  • Robust solution for transaction dispute work-flow management and resolution
  • Management and reconciliation reporting
  • Program marketing and support materials

Getting The Word Out

Fitchburg State University and BbOne will develop marketing materials to promote the BbOne program in the community via local newspaper ads and public relations publications. In addition, a campus campaign will involve University publications, the residence hall cable network, and the website.

How it Works

Contact Blackboard to see if your business is eligible (business that principally sell tobacco, alcohol, firearms, obscene material will not be allowed to enroll). Blackboard will then discuss with you in detail how the program works and the costs to you. Once you sign a contract with BbOne Blackboard will send you a terminal (similar to a credit card terminal) and window decals in the mail (merchant must provide a phone line for the OneCard terminal). Blackboard will then contact the merchant and setup the device to communicate to the University OneCard system. Blackboard will also work with you to setup revenue transfers to your account from the BbOne program. During this time someone from the University will be in touch with you to include you in future marketing publications to the University community.

What it Costs

Fitchburg State has worked with Blackboard to reduce the overhead costs to local vendors. The University’s main goal is to provide another service to the University community and not to make a profit. Fitchburg State University was able to reduce these costs to the merchant by forfeiting any shared revenue from the program. Please contact us for more information.

How to Sign Up

Local area merchants interested in participating in the BbOne Fitchburg Gold program can contact Megan Sokolowski at 202.303.9205 at Blackboard. The Fitchburg State University contact is Darryl Les in Fitchburg State University’s OneCard Office at 978.665.3376 or at


OneCard Discount Program

Fitchburg State University works with local merchants to provide the University community a discount. In exchange for this service the University will include your business information in OneCard publications and sponsored marketing events.

Merchant Benefit

  • Generates revenue
  • Enhances community/University relations
  • Provides additional marketing exposure for your business

Participating merchants will also be listed in multiple OneCard advertisements and marketing materials. Additionally, merchants will be listed on the OneCard website, which is updated regularly with new merchant information.

What it Costs

There is absolutely no cost to the merchant to join the program. The only cost to the merchant is the cost incurred by the discount itself.

How to Sign Up

In order to participate in the program, the merchant must take the following steps:

  1. Complete the merchant application and be approved for participation by the University. The business must be local to the University. Businesses that principally sell tobacco, alcohol, firearms, and/or obscene material will not be allowed to enroll.
  2. Agree to the terms set forth by the University.
  3. Provide the University with detailed information about your business in order for the University to promote your company though various marketing campaigns.

If you have questions about the program please contact Darryl Les Manager of OneCard Operations at 978.665.3376 or