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Stored Value Funds

OneCard stored value funds are divided into four separate accounts, each serving different purposes. Account balances can be checked at any Card Management Center (CMC) or online on BlackBoard. These accounts are stored on your OneCard and are used in the following manners:

Fitchburg Gold

Fitchburg Gold is the most commonly used stored value account. It allows OneCard holders to store cash value on their card to make purchases everywhere on campus and at approved vendors off campus. Deposits can be made at CMCs (Cash Management Centers) located on campus or online. Parents and guests can make deposits to student cards online as well. These funds carry over from the previous academic year but are subject to the terms and conditions listed in the OneCard Agreement form. Visit the Fitchburg Gold page for more information.

Dining Points

Dining Points are given to those who have purchased a University meal plan. Dining Points are administered by Housing and are restricted to food purchases only. They can only be used at Chartwells food outlets on campus. Dining Points do not carry over from semester to semester and are loaded onto OneCards at the beginning of each semester. For more information, please call Chartwells at (978) 665-3663 or visit their website.

Print Copy Quota

Print Copy Quota account was removed in 2019.  A credit for printing, copying, and scanning in student computer labs is now applied directly in the printing system called Papercut. In an effort to effectively reduce waste, a print/copy quota has been imposed. Each semester, students are given a $20 credit within Papercut. With every print, copy, and scan, that amount is depleted. When the full $20 has been used, students must put additional funds on their OneCard Fitchburg Gold accounts to continue using the printers. To check your credit balance, please log into a Papercut printer or Print Release station to check your print quota balance.

Falcon Dollars

Falcon Dollars are administered by Chartwells Dining Services and are restricted to food purchases only. They can be used at any of the Chartwells food outlets on campus. Money can be added at any time by visiting Chartwells in Holmes dining hall or by calling (978) 665-3663. Chartwells accepts cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, and Discover. Falcon Dollar funds also carry over from academic year to academic year. These funds are non-refundable and must be spent before leaving Fitchburg State University. For more information, please call Chartwells at (978) 665-3663 or visit their website.

Comparison Chart

  Stored Value Fund
Features Fitchburg Gold Dining Points Falcon Dollars Print Quota
Tax Free X * X X X
Funds Rollover Each Semester X   X  
Guest Deposits Available X      
Online Deposits X      
Card Management Center (CMC) Deposits X      
Refundable X **      
Holmes Dining Hall, Hammond Bistro, McKay Café and MWCC Café. X X X  
Bookstore X      
Vending (Laundry, Snack, Beverage and Photocopiers) X      
Printing X     X
Department Purchases and Payments (Housing, Student Accounts, OneCard, Library, Rec Center, Box Office, Info Desk, Health Services, Mail Center, etc.) X      
Off-Campus Purchases at Approved Merchants X      
* On-Campus Purchases Only (Excludes Follett Bookstore unless it's a textbook requirement for a class)
** Refunds are ONLY available when your relationship with Fitchburg State University is terminated (either through graduation, withdrawal, or leaving employment)