Non-Unit Benefits Overview

Paid Time Off

  • 15 sick days per calendar year
    • No limit to the amount of time you can have on the books
    • Upon retirement, you are eligible for a payout of 20% of the value of your sick time
  • 5 personal days per calendar year
    • Use or lose by December 31st
    • Pro-rated for the first year and any part-time service
  • Vacation accrues at the rates below:
    • Date of employment - 4 years of service = 20 days per calendar year
    • 5 - 9 years of service = 22 days per calendar year
    • 10 - 14 years of service = 23 days per calendar year
    • 15 - 19 years of service = 24 days per calendar year
    • 20+ years of service = 25 days per calendar year
  • Any employee with more than three hundred and seventy-five (375) hours of accrued vacation time as of December 31st of each year, shall forfeit those excess accruals.

Life Insurance/AD+D

  • Available through the Group Insurance Commission (GIC) and Metlife Life and AD+D
  • Basic life insurance policy of $5,000 comes with every health insurance policy
    • Can also be purchased separately
  • Optional life insurance policy is also available
    • Term policy, allows you to elect up to 8x (times) your salary in coverage
    • Rates are based on smoker/non-smoker status, and age
  • If you sign up for any of these policies at hire, no proof of insurability is required

Long-Term Disability

  • Available through the Group Insurance Commission (GIC) and Metlife
  • Provides tax-free benefit of 55% of gross monthly salary when out of work ill or injured for 90 consecutive days
    • Rates are based on age and gross monthly earnings

Health Insurance

  • 8 different plans to choose from
    • Waiting period is 60 days and begins the 1st of the month following the waiting period
    • Current rates are available on the GIC website
    • Employees pay 25% of the full-cost premium
  • No pre-existing condition clause
  • Waiting period cannot be changed
  • Open enrollment each spring

Health Care Spending Account

  • Managed by TASC
  • Allows employee to pay for certain medical expenses on a pre-tax basis
    • Minimum of $250; Maximum of $3,050 per year
  • Same waiting period as health insurance
  • Open enrollment each spring along with the Health insurance

Dependent Care Assistance Program

  • Managed by TASC
  • Allows employee to deposit pre-tax dollars to pay for dependent care expenses
  • No waiting period
  • Open enrollment each fall

Dental Insurance

  • Managed by Health Plans, Inc.
    • MetLife Plan
    • 60-day waiting period
  • Individual coverage is $22.80 per month and for family coverage is $45.60. This is a pre-tax deduction.


  • 2 Plan Options Available
    • 180-day enrollment period
    • Irrevocable decision
  • Massachusetts State Board of Retirement - Pension Plan
    • 9% contribution rate for first $30,000 plus additional 2% for anything above; no up-front match
    • 10 years of service to be vested
    • Pension calculated based on age at retirement, number of years of service, and highest 5 consecutive years salary
  • Optional Retirement Program (ORP)
    • 9% contribution rate for first $30,000 plus additional 2% for anything above; 4.3% commonwealth net match
    • Choice of 2 providers to work with - Fidelity, TIAA-CREF
    • Comes with LTD and life insurance policy
    • 10 years of service to be eligible for health insurance in retirement
    • Cannot be elected if vested in a Chapter 32 retirement system

Supplemental Benefits

  • Tuition benefits
  • Tax-Deferred Savings Programs
    • Short-Term Disability
    • Accident Insurance
    • Cancer Insurance
  • Staff Discounts
  • Free use of the rec center
  • Free use of the library
  • 10% discount at bookstore
  • Discounted hardware and software through IT
  • HomePlus Benefit
  • Free parking
  • And more...

Disclaimer: This overview highlights the benefits available to NUP members and does not constitute, and should not be interpreted as, a binding agreement. Policies relating to benefits, periods of leave, appointment, and other aspects of employment are set forth in the NUP Collective Bargaining Agreement or are governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.