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Dropping Below Full-Time

This policy is for all day undergraduate students who drop below full-time (12 or more credits), during the first three weeks of school. For students that are withdrawing from all courses and cease enrollment at Fitchburg State University this refund policy is not applicable; please refer to the Institutional Refund Policy.

Refunds will only be generated if the total payments exceed the total charges after adjustments have been completed. Please see the percentage below for the refund of charges due according to the date listed.

Fall 2020
Withdrawal prior to start of classes - 09/02/2020 and before 100%
Before the start of week 3 - 09/03/2020 thru 09/17/2020 100%
From week 3 before start of week 4 - 09/18/20 thru 09/24/2020 50%
Week 5 - 09/28/2020 and after 0%
Spring 2021
Withdrawal prior to the start of classes - 01/24/2021 and before 100%
Before the start of week 2 - 01/25/2021 thru 02/01/2021 100%
From week 2 before start of week 3 -02/02/2021 thru 02/08/2021 50%
From week 3 before start of week 4 - 02/29/2021 thru 02/15/2021 50%
Week 4 - 02/16/2021 and after 0%